By Anonymous - / Wednesday 16 September 2015 17:16 / Japan
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By  Georgia0p  |  17

Next FML: I said hi how are you in Japanese to some people in Japan today and they beat the crap out of me. FML.

Did he know what the words meant..?


No, I think what's meant here, 65, is that the brother may have thought that "Banks sugoi kawaii" meant "Hi, how are you?" and so was confused as to why they were angry.

  chriss2015  |  13

I think you guys are missing the sarcasm. They were saying that from the brothers perspective, he doesn't even realize what he said was wrong. He thought he was saying "hi, how are you."

  daniel271  |  13

More like beyond dumbass.

  kudwafuuu  |  15

if he watched a lot of anime he'd probably know other phrases or how to say hello at the very least lol

  Axel5238  |  29

Sadly, being a fan doesn't mean they pay attention to the language or the culture. I have 2 friends that claim to be huge anime fans but just only just the anime. They know nothing of the language or culture. Just that to a disturbing point really like Japan's cartoons and video games and it's become a way of live for both.

  Mpii  |  11

The opposite happens very often aswell. I for instance really like the language so I started learning it. Whenever people find tgat out they're like "oh you must watch alot of anime!" And I really dont. I've gotten into naruto and that's basically it.

  ChinchillaLady  |  27

I love Naruto! Along with other shows but I had started learning Japanese first and actually for me watching it in Japanese has helped me learn... Or atleast I'd like to think so.

  ChinchillaLady  |  27

You can use WiFi for the translate without taking your phone off airplane mode. That way you can use it to translate with out getting huge bills for messages and calls.

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