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Today, I came out to my dad. He called me weak minded and said that he has never been more disappointed in me. I didn't come out as gay. I came out as a vegetarian. FML
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lancerevo 0

That is ******* hilarious. But hey vegetarians get vaginas all over them cuz they are PUSSYS

if by "get ******'s all over them" you mean girls then your insult failed miserably. If that's not what you meant then you're just an idiot. Either way, go die in a fire. @OP: that's pretty hilarious, but I'm sorry your dad is so close minded. Personally I think vegetarianism is stupid, but that doesn't make the people who chose that way of life stupid. It's their choice, and if they believe in it that's awesome, I have no problem with it. So good for you, don't let your dad change your mind.

poopsicle22 0

yeah, OP. genius_man thinks your way of life is stupid, but he doesn't think you're stupid. That makes a lot of sense.

it just means that he wouldnt do it himself, but that the OP can do what he wants cause its his life

#1's comment is a reference to southpark. Just putting that out there. lol

poopsicle22 0

ok #69 I think your opinion is stupid, but you can have stupid opinions if you want because it's your life. I don't think you're stupid though.

Congratulations, all you do is tell people to go die, yet you stand the greatest chance of gaining an internet stocker by using a picture of yourself on a public site. Congratulations, idiota. but really, a vegetarian? Thats respect, as long as youre not just doing it to get attention, because otherwise then you might as well be gay too, because everyone hates people that do shit like that for attention, otherwise, respec


A stocker? That seems very helpful, actually! I think you mean STALKER. Lawl. And what do you mean by "you might as well be gay too" ? Because it really comes off as you saying people are only gay so they can receive attention. I think you should re-examine what respect it and start acting respectful yourself instead of just plain ignorant.

I hate when people try to use the human digestive system argument. It’s the most invalid argument I’ve ever seen, (our digestive system resembles an herbivore more than a carnivore). This argument is meaningless unless we were carnivores to begin with, then I could see why people would make the assumption to eat plants rather than meat. But in reality our digestive system resembles that of an omnivore, not carnivore or herbivore. (Humans happen to be a species of omnivores, our digestive system happens to resembles that of an omnivores… an amazing coincidence) Based solely on our digestive system we should be eating a healthy diet consisting of both plants and animals, saying our digestive system looks more like that of a herbivore than carnivore doesn’t mean a damn thing. Btw this wasn’t directed at you #99

1. You typed an abbreviation, lol, as if you were saying it out loud, thus creating an onomatopoeia/abbreviation combo. Congratulations you're now the sweetest person in the world. 2. Who are you, my english teacher? 3. Yes, a lot of young children do things for attention, especially girls, who like to become vegetarians for no reason, just for attention. Hormones make people do some stupid shit, idiot. 4. Youre being ignorant by calling me ignorant, henceforth becoming a hypocritical turd encrusted salad The only reasons someone should become a vegetarian are spiritual or medical. If you do it only because you think killing is bad, NEWSFLASH, FISH AND PLANTS ARE LIVING THINGS TOO. And, being a vegetarian = killing more plants, which means less plants are living and producing oxygen, while more cows are living producing more methane which = DOUBLE DOUBLE NEGATIVE not only for you, who is now not receiving necessary nutrients you get from meat, but youre also damaging the environment and everyone around you. As for the whole carnivore/herbivore thing, Humans are meant to both, WHICH FOR ALL YOU IDIOTS IS CALLED AN OMNIVORE. Good luck being a vegetarian, make sure not to die from lacking essential nutrients, but if you didn't, i wouldn't mourn your loss, as well as the loss of any idiot who comments with things such as "LAWL" or who thinks that using the word "GAY" is politically incorrect.

Kyothine 0

Believe it or not, poopsicle, there are people who are smart and have stupid opinions. You are an idiot, and you're probably a 6th grader, judging from your username.

@ 206. just because you TYPE IN ALL CAPS in certain places doesn't make you smart or right. What are you, the Bill O'Reilly of the interwebs? and vegetarians don't get less nutrients than those who eat meat... please do some research before you MAKE AN EVEN BIGGER FOOL OF YOURSELF. go back to the playground.

i'm pretty sure he was making a south park reference, genius_man

wheels_forever 0

wow # 54 it makes perfect sense. He's saying he wouldn't do it himself, but the OP can do what ever he wants. Seriously? Why don't you actually read the comments and think about it for a little before typing away. And OP, this made me crack up. He'll come around eventually. :]

poopsicle22 0

"My momma always says, 'Stupid is as stupid does.'" Basically, if you do something stupid, you are stupid. If a stupid person isn't someone who does stupid things, then what criteria are we to use for judging stupidity? I have no problem with OP's lifestyle choices, all I'm saying is that #50 doesn't really make a whole lot of sense when he says that he thinks OP does stupid things, but he doesn't think he's stupid.

CyclonePsycho 1

If you have the right diet, meat can be plenty healthy too, just as vegetarianism can be. Eat however and whatever you want and stfu about it. When I'm sitting down to a meal, I don't give a shit about how wrong you think I am for eating what I'm eating. Just handle your own affairs and calm down with the self righteous attitude. @Pompous Vegetarians: You're proving exactly how pompous you are by telling meat-eaters that they have no morals and all that. If you want people to leave you alone about your choices, then leave others alone about their choices. You're no better than anyone else, so go scream your murder elsewhere. @Bitchy Carnivores: It's not against nature to be a vegetarian. It's not unhealthy if the diet is planned correctly. The fact that humans have been eating meat for centuries has no bearing on what we do now -- we have our own minds and we should be able to make choices accordingly. @At everyone else: Pick up your bacon or your celery and toast to the fact that we are even able to argue about the morals of eating animals. Woo! Go human race! ;D

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Genius man is clearly not quite as smart as he thinks, especially if he thinks "vegetarianism is stupid." What's stupid about saving animals from torture, abuse, and murder?

nobama 0

whoa, whoa, whoa... cows produce methane?

Well, the fact that they're animals, for one. Evolution created them for us to eat, not to protect and cherish.

smorgasm 0

cyclone psycho. youre a great person. OP, it takes some balls to stand up to everyone. Im a vegetarian as well. to comment numero uno. youre a fag. i dont care if its a reference to a fourth grade tv show. go home. now.

Hey, you know what's funny, you just said being a vegetarian means that more plants die, and, wow, you're stupid :) Did you know that 70% of crop growing ground is used as grazing ground to raise meat? So actually less plants die because we consume it directly instead of using what we could eat each day to feed one meal. And, most vegetarians aren't just, OMG EVERYTHING MUST LIVE, They just don't like cruely killing things that can think and feel when we can live without it. And I wouldn't consider someone who eats fish a vegetarian.

Kyothine 0

RealGirl and AnaDoll: You are idiots. The animals eaten in meat are GROWN to be slain. That means that they would have no use to the world other than being eaten. Not only that, but many farmers only take care of livestock when the land is useless for farming. AnaDoll: do you really think that the "vegetables" (feed, you moron) given to farm animals is the same quality as the kind that you eat? Lmao.

And the OP implies that being gay is worse than being a vegetarian? Vegetarians are hypocrites.

Thank you!!! not like all of us are preachy. my best friends since childhood always ate meat. its not like im going to tell you what to eat-its your business, its your life. Are you going to tell me who I can sleep with, or who I can be friends with? Exactly - I wont interfere in your life. To the jerks who think that all vegetarians show off about it, screw you. at most restaurants, I'll say I'm vegetarian just to find out what are the good meatless dishes or to make sure that theres no chicken stalk, beef stalk, etc in my soup or food. Not like I expect people at the table next to me to suddenly stop eating their double cheeseburger just cause I drop a "I'm vegetarian". and to the p***ies who think vegetarians are gay, think again. that's like saying all people who play video games are nerds.

daydreambeliever 0

I'm a Pesco Pollo Vegetarian. I can eat fish, and I do. I think people can eat whatever they want. Meat makes me sick. And I've been doing this since I was 13. Smart vegetarians get the facts, or risk getting sick. However Big Mac does not equal healthy, nor does a salad. My dad had issues with me being a vegetarian as well, so kudos to you OP.

To say that is completely moronic; they are two things that don't even coincide. Ever.

In relation to Pesco Pollo Vegetarian A lot of vegetarians will find that term offensive. They prefer the term Pescatarian. It means the same. I have never heard Pollo before? Does that mean you eat mints too? :P

yeah cause vegetarians get a lot of protein iron and carbs right? dumbass

not sure if it's a bad thing... I wish I could force myself to not eat meat... but that stuffs pree good lol

Megan36 3

I really hate when meat eaters get so defensive, I mean damn being a vegetarian isn't in any way negative. I'm not a crazy vegan that freaks out on people, because I know I won't change their minds. all I ask is that you respect my eating habits and I'll try to ignore yours. I've been a vegan for over 17 years. :)

Hahaha! Sorry, but I laughed. And I kind of agree, but I won't get into a vegetarian vs vegan vs carnivore argument.

But I will! YDI op. We adapted to like the taste of meat because it contains nutrients vital to our survival.

Same, and i clicked FYL, but YDI because you will enjoy the last laugh. Wait 5 years and compare cholesterols, point at your dad, laugh

Wise man said "don't add time to your life, add life to your time". Who cares about cholesterol? Go back in 5 years and check who's had more fun in barbecues.

until you compare bone desity and you can't even stand up without your legs breaking where do these people think that calsium comes from. because it sure as hell ain't soy

Nutrients which are just as easily found in nature, it's just not as tasty and less satisfying than slaughtering something.

If by "nature" you mean "the vitamin section of the pharmacy" then, yes, you can find all the same nutrients (especially proteins and calcium) in nature.

irafinklestein 0

you can get calcium from fruits, vegetables, and dairy. some people just don't like the taste of meat.

ManImCool 0

HAHA YDI you plant ******!!!

If you get your calcium from dairy then you're not a true vegetarian. What do you think they do with the calf that is not drinking that cow's milk? They have to kill it...helloooo. Therefore by drinking milk or eating anything made with milk you're contributing to the "abuse, torture, and murder" of animals. PS: totally not a vegetarian here. Love me a good steak and foie gras is one of my favorite foods ever. I'm just arguing against the point that "you can get calcium from nature" and the reference to dairy providing natural calcium as an argument FOR vegetarianism. If you're going to argue for a lifestyle based on trying to save animals from death by all means go for it. Just try not to be a hypocrite about it.

uhmm, being a vegatarian means not eating meat, you can eat/drink milk butter eggs cheese etc. IF you don't you're a vegan, so your statement about a "true vegatarian" isn't true

irafinklestein 0

You're thinking vegan, not vegetarian. And my argument was that not everyone likes how meat tastes, not the whole 'eating another living thing' deal. So It's all good. :)

where the hell are you getting calcium in vegetables and fruits? you're not check again retard

#309, wtf? Genetically engineered cattle, which produce 10 times the amount of milk, without a calf to stimulate that, somehow leads to another one being killed? In another situation... A mother buys too much food at some point, so gives it to her neighbour. YOU then find a random child, curb stomp them and blame the neighbour for the child's injuries?

vein 0

Haha, i guess he likes his meat.

hey, some people like their own meat, some people like the meat of others, some don't like it at all, and some just aren't sure yet.. just respect everyone's choise, and stop pleating that your choise is the better one, because in that case you just don't get the picture. # 183: IQ +10

Inked2009 0

Lancerevo your a royal asshole get a damn life. That really sucks, your dads a jerk. There is nothing wrong with being a vegetarian.

Except for the fact that you are only doing it because everyone else is and even the original arguments are terrible. The best argument you can have is that you don't like the taste of meat. If that's the case, then it's your choice. But forcing yourself to not eat meat is ridiculous.

I know a couple of my friends who happen to be vegetarians don't like to eat meat because they feel guilty about eating an animal. It's a sensitive conscience, but at least it's a good reason as to why they won't eat meat. Some of them are treated really badly. I eat meat but can sympathize with those who don't.

oh my motherfucking god! #115: "and your hurting animals by taking away THEIR food" how are WE vegetarians/vegans hurting animals by taking away THEIR food? by not eating meat there would be more of an abundance of them you dipshit. as for the rest of you assholes and morons ranting about "going against evolution" and "disgrace to the human species" et cetera et cetera, get over your ******* selves, woopity ******* doo, you eat meat. the fact that you think that you're better than those who choose to save an animal life over eating, shows complete ignorance and arrogance that i wrongly "justified" in your own mindset. yes, some of us turned veg because we feel guilty about eating meat since an animal had to die for us to be able to say "mmm that was some tasty slaughtered animal that was probably raised in a cruel environment" when we can eat meat substitutes (which btw most people claim that they don't taste the same when it's merely a mindset that people re-enforce with a bias before they even eat it). and as for the being superior species that hunts food, i just have to congratulate you for being one of the biggest dipshits around. A) woo hoo! you can go to the grocery store and buy meat, that must've been hard work. B) getting said meat: yay! people can just round up the cattle and slaughter them on the spot! i'm not against hunting of food when it's ACTUAL hunting as long as it isn't excessive. RAISING ANIMALS SIMPLY FOR SLAUGHTER IS WRONG! but OP: sorry that your dad is a complete dickwad, and someone already commented on that going veg is FAR from being "weak minded" since the difficulty with sticking with it for long lengths of time is just that: difficult (to a degree anyways). i myself was vegan for 15 months and then downgraded to vegetarian because it just got too expensive to stay vegan. all in all i've been veg almost for 2 years now and feel great! but don't sweat the stupid people talking shit about veggies who have nothing substantial to go off of other than their own mindset. yes, i'm the only vegetarian that i know personally for the most part and i don't think any less of any of my friends or family for eating meat, that's their choice exactly how it's MY choice to not eat meat. i'm only against people who come up with shitty arguments about how going veg is stupid and shit and who claim superiority over other people just cuz they eat tortured meat. but also, if you DID go veg just for the attention, then **** you, it's insulting to do it just for that, but i'm hoping you did it for moral and/or health reasons. which also btw, for those of you who claimed and supported that the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle was found to be unhealthy... where the **** did you get your facts from? oh yes, eating greasy fatty meat is SOOOOO much healthier 8-| okay, that's enough ranting of my own :)

artcgirl 0

thank you! and about the substitute bias thing, my brother ate TVP for years and loved it...then my mom told him...and he refused to eat it

artcgirl 0

oh, and at 87: yes I'm a vegetarian because my family and friends are....except not! none of my friends or family are vegetarian. I do it for me and the animals, not for anyone else.

@209 - What #115 was referring to was the fact that by only eating plants, we're reducing the food supply of similarly vegetarian animals, whose main food source is (you guessed it) plants and vegetables. It's a pretty terrible argument either way, since plants are a renewable resource (as long as we don't continue tearing up all of our most fertile farming land and replacing it with condos and malls, but that's another argument). And yes, I know that animals are also a renewable resource, but significantly less so because of the whole sex-and-procreation thing.

FatElie 0

Being a vegetarian does not change anything. You are not saving any animals nor benefeiting anyone in any way. It's just a way for over-privileged self-righteous people such as yourself to fool themselves into thinking they're contributing. If you actually want to help, get into politics and impose laws and regulations for the humane treatment of animals. Some chickens never see the suns rays and have trouble standing due to their artificially accelerated growth. You sitting on your ass eating carrots is NOT going to change that. Maybe if we all ate carrots we'd get somewhere, but I think chickens would get on the endangered list pretty quickly if that happened. Good for you for being a vegetarian, but the meat you don't eat will just be fed to pigs and then that pig will be fed to me as bacon. It's a sad reality but it's our reality. Just ignoring it doesn't make it go away.

artcgirl 0

vegetarian since I was 11! yay for you!

Haha that's what u get for not eating meat. The human body is designed to be omnivorous...that means eat some damn steak

poopsicle22 0

what exactly was your reason for this at 11? did you think eating dead animals was yucky? or did your mom say you couldn't have dessert unless you finished your meatloaf, and you didn't want to, so you became a vegetarian? whatever the reason, I'm sure it was well thought out and extremely rational, as most 11 year olds are completely capable of making complicated life choices.

artcgirl 0

Actually I read a book about animal cruelty, and decided I wouldn't condone that kind of treatment.

alex_vik 0

The dad never said being gay was weak minded. The dad said being vegetarian was weak minded. Learn to read.

sairara 0

@143, Hey, man, don't be so assumptive. When I was about 11 I decided to try out vegetarianism, not because I didn't like meat, but because I saw a video of a cow being slaughtered for steak on youtube and it affected me very strongly. I didn't eat meat for almost two years after that. I've since abandoned it because of my love of hot dogs and chicken nuggets, but I still do try to eat only free-range or organic meat to this day.

lol @ poopsicles. and artcgirl, you do realize that slaughterhouses aren't gonna shut down because a slight fraction of the population is vegetarian. yay for slaughterhouses!

nobama 0

whether you eat meat or not, animals are still slaughtered every single minute. sorry to break the news to you.

actually, by going vegetarian, you save about 100 animals per year. therefore collectively us vegetarians do make a significant difference :)

You're an unintelligent douche bag. Just saying.

ebwaef 0

Well if no one tries to help animals by being vegetarian, then not even a small amount of animals will be saved. Every life counts! At least vegetarians are showing their support and making an effort to make a change. I've been a vegetarian since I was born, and there's no way that by not eating meat for all these years, I haven't saved some animals. Yay for vegetarians!

Vegetarians are awsome and anybody who says they're pussys or anything like that are pathetic idiots!

If there's an alternative that works just as well, and s/he's comfortable with it, then it seems fine to me. With chemicals, steroids, growth hormones and questions over treatment of animals, it's not really surprising that someone would choose to go veggie or mostly veggie. There are different types of vegetarianism, and s/he didn't specify. I'll assume they mean no actual muscle meat.

Actually, if you look at the human digestive system, you'll see that it more closely resembles an herbivore than a carnivore, or a true omnivore. Our systems make it so that we can live eating meat because food was often sparse, and we needed to eat whatever we could. Then again, you can also eat small amounts of poison without dying, and in many cases without even getting sick. That doesn't mean you *should* or that it's healthy for you.

jahwn 12

No, we can't, hell can't exist because fire requires matter, and souls supposedly are immaterial.

Thank God somebody proved my point for me in the very next post. I didn't even have to explain myself!

That is true of any food source, unless a population is kept in check through natural predators or some other natural selection to keep them from overgrowing. You can run out of places to grow soy too. Perhaps you should be supporting condoms, not Soy.

musu_fml 0

Projecting, it takes something like 6 kilos of grain to produce 1 kilo of beef. It's not acting superior to point out that this is poor efficiency and ecologically unsound for a planet that can only comfortably support 2 billion humans, but is currently carrying 6 billion. You're effectively saying it doesn't matter to you that we could be feeding six people with grain instead of feeding one person with meat.

ozymandias_fml 0

Way to ignore the fact vegetarianism is *not* healthier, and just about every independent study shows this. Go play with your peta friends and let the adults speak.

how about the British Medical Association, World Health Organization (WHO), Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Oxford study, and the American Dietetic Association just to name a few... It's been statistically proven over the years that vegetarians are significantly less likely to suffer from major chronic diseases, and live longer. many people switch over for the health reasons alone, which have nothing to do with peta. in other words, you're wrong.

So if we stop eatting meat....cows will stop eatting grain. BRILLIANT.

musu_fml 0

In a word, yes. In a few more words, if we stopped eating meat, we'd stop raising domesticated cattle (a lot of it anyway) and we'd stop feeding them the grain. Wild animals don't factor into this; we don't grow crops and then feed them to wild animals.

Nope, we never give food to wild animals....ever... Regardless of your falsehoods, what do we do with the cows? let them run free and then let them die from insufficent food sources? I'm assuming thats ok though cause its natural selection. But if we as humans go by that same method and let some people die because of insufficient food sources well, we are just being inhumane.

musu_fml 0

What we do with the cows: kill and eat the last generation of domesticated cattle and don't breed a next generation. Or, if you want to be very moral about it; subsidise the farmers to keep the last generation of cattle looked after, but not breeding, until they die of natural causes. In practice, the first option is the likely one.

poopsicle22 0

HAHAHAHAHAHA! wow, that's one of the worst arguments I've ever heard. (and I've heard some pretty crazy ones) You're trying to prove that a big invisible omniscient, omnipotent sky grandpa who has somehow been around since before the beginning of time and created everything that ever has or ever will exist (although he doesn't affect anything here because we have "free will") can't send our (immaterial and possibly nonexistent) "souls" to a place of eternal damnation where his nemesis lives because you think that the basis for the existence of this place is that the fire is fueled by the souls themselves? because in the whole universe, obviously, the only material that could ever fuel such a place would be souls. It's not possible for anything else to burn and create fire! just, wow people like you give atheists a bad name

I severely doubt the validity of your statement that our digestive systems are similar to herbivores. We completely lack the digestive enzymes necessary to break down most plant fibers. Meat, on the other hand, doesn't have that issue.

I don't think you deserve it, but unless it's for health (as in life-threatening) or religious reasons, I think vegetarianism is silly. It's unnatural, which in turn is unhealthy. Vegetarians have to take all kinds of supplements to maintain a truly healthy diet.

That's always confused me. A pussy is a coward/wimp/******/cat. And a vegetarian is none of those... so how can anyone call a vegetarian a pussy?

#76 a vegetarian is coward who refuses to eat meat, hence why people call them *******. I for one am not one of these people but I understand the reasoning behind it.

lmmmr 0

I don't see the correlation between being a coward and not eating meat. Could you clairfy that for me?

Maddoctor 10

Seriously, would you call a person who refused to eat vegetables a pussy? Come on, it's not like it's affecting anyone else's life if this person doesn't want to eat meat. To all the dickwads saying it's cowardly not to eat an animal, shove off.

Um, if your going to use a word, you should probably know what it means... Blasphemy means to go against God or other sacred things, so I don't even see how your argument would make sense...

nobama 0

since the dawn of mankind, men have eaten meat. eating meat is a sign of manliness. that is what men do. that is why men have barbecues and cookouts and such. to celebrate our manliness. if you want to be more like a woman, then you can become a vegetarian to "save the animals."

ebwaef 0

Yeah because it's really manly to categorize yourself. And, of course, really noble of you to allow animals to live miserable lives so that you can fit into that category. Good job.

Have fun taking all these pills so you don't get malnourished! Omnivorism for the win!

You like shoving meat down your throat, huh?

No they don't need supplements. They just need to eat a balanced diet to get everything that meat can give.

id eat a dog anyday if it tasted nice pussy vegitarians

musu_fml 0

If you got sick, you didn't do it correctly; if you're taking something out of your diet, you need to find an alternative source for what that something was providing to you. If you're taking meat out, you need to be looking for protein and iron sources primarily. Cheese, pulses, eggs, etc are easy sources of protein. For iron it's simple; dark green leafy vegetables. Popeye had it right; you want spinnach for that. It's nowhere near as difficult as you think it is, and it prompts you to start thinking of food as a vehicle for supplying nutrients and energy to your body, rather than just something you use to keep your stomach filled.

dramakat11 0

Somehow hypermacho assholes have incorporated meat-eating into their stupid list of requirements to be a "real man." What has the world come to? Any "real man" in my opinion is compassionate toward his fellow human beings and respects someone else's valid decision to be a vegetarian although it's not for him. There is no correlation between being a vegetarian and being "weak," "cowardly," "feminine," or a "pussy" unless you are of the mindset that only women should have compassion for fellow living beings and men should just be destructive, selfish jerks. Men: patriarchy is ending! Don't be such assholes. All you are doing is boxing yourself in with words like "pussy" and "fag." You are keeping yourselves from experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions. The result is that 95% of all violent crimes are committed by men.

Where the hell do you get your information? Vegetarianism is NOT unhealthy, and it not necessary for most to take vitamins if they are eating a balanced diet. Plenty of meat-eaters have to take vitamins bc they aren't getting everything they need either.