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Today, I finally decided to get a dog. I have always been wanting to get one ever since I was a child. I bought a $1,400 Golden Retriever. I went out for lunch a few hours later with a friend, so I left my dog in the backyard. I came back home to a broken fence and no dog. FML
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  hellryu  |  20

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  SneezyBear  |  27

Wow. God Forbid you should ever get into a horrible accident and are unable to form any new relationships because no woman could stand seeing your 'abused body'. What a shallow, shallow person.


A lot less than a third of that.. The shelter I volunteer for charges 55 for a dog, 110 for a puppy, and that includes altering, shots, microchip, etc. Irresponsible people like OP shouldn't have dogs in the first place.

By  Jasper_fml  |  0

why the fuck did you leave a $1,400 golden retriever in your back yard? you deserved it, asshole.
and why would you BUY a dog when there are so many DYING IN THE STREETS?