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Today, I was at Sea World and was about to take a picture of the big walrus. I noticed my phone was still set to use the front camera, and I muttered "Oops, selfie mode." A guy next to me turned, looked at me, and said "Not like there's a difference for you." FML
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Damn OP...I have some aloe for that burn.

You do not insult random people in public like that. You just don't! **** humanity.


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More like invite him into the selfie and inform him that you'd like a photo with the biggest "ass" they must have at Sea World.

that was a silly comment #1. on another note- it doesnt matter how someone looks, big, tall, short, fat thats not up for a complete stranger to be a huge dickhole about. whether one thinks something or not, if we all said everything on our minds- well we'd all be screwed

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"I know you are, but what am I? "

more like turn round and punch him in the face

"Not like there's a difference for you" "I know you are, but what am I?" Don't worry, I know it was an honest mistake and that's fine, I just wanted to point it out because I'm a jerk like that. Sorry lol

Damn OP...I have some aloe for that burn.

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squeez fresh lemons on and douse burns with vinegar for a quick recovery

@56. Nope! A lot of foods have chemicals and that's a bad idea. What the other kid said, apply cold water only, nothing more. Certified First Aid ~P.B

I want to join the pattern. Everyone downvote me please

#131 I want to up vote you just because you asked for down votes

I think that is what 131 was hoping you'd be apt to do. Reverse psychology at its best!

After watching the documentary 'Blackfish', I find it hard to have sympathy for anyone that visits Seaworld..

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#3, I don't. I laughed when I read the FML! That was an amazing burn, you have to admit it.

Agreed #47, anyone who supports Sea World/ Marine Land should shove a stick up their ass and get closed in a small box. They could possibly for a fraction of a second understand what these animals go through day and night.

Hey, walruses are cute. All those little whiskers and blubber...

Specially of their spheals from pokemon

I think the guy meant both front and back cameras were " selfie mode " for her, not that she looked like a walrus.

#126, What??? He was definitely saying she looked like a walrus.

You should've taken a picture of him after that.

The camera would have cracked. So much ugliness. .. What a wanker!

You do not insult random people in public like that. You just don't! **** humanity.

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Yes you do #6, yes you do...if you wanna get shot

He deserved it for calling it selfie mode. Jk. That really sucks. I agree with you, #6. (Except for the **** humanity). How can a sane person think that it's okay to outspokenly insult someone they don't know, and in front of other people? It's amazing how some people think (or don't, in this case). FYL, OP.

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#6, you just insulted every human being there is by saying **** humanity right after you said your not supposed to insult people...

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I have a HTC One M8 and when going through the camera options, the front camera is called selfie mode.

You do when it's true. Especially when you call it "selfie mode" as someone else has said.

yes....yes you do #6. most of the time you try to not let em hear it

Not sure why people feel the need to be rude to someone they don't even know! That infuriates me.

Yes! Apparently the "treat others how you want to be treated" kindergarten rule never stuck with some. What's the point of being bitter and mean to anybody? Especially a stranger.

Let's hope karma slaps him in the face for being a jerk! I hope that you had a fun day at Seaworld though, other than that :)

Why do people think it's OK to insult random people they don't know? You don't know that person or what they're going through. That guy needs to stop being a childish ass.