By msmidnight1965 - 22/09/2013 17:22 - Canada

Today, my husband refused to let our 7-week-old daughter have a pacifier, because he doesn't want her growing up to be a "whore." FML
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msmidnight1965 tells us more.

We have those orthodontic ones that help with oral development. They also resemble the nipple during breast feeding.

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He sucks at parenting.

Goodness gracious. Well according to your husband most of us are whores then.


What the? Why?

probably because pacifiers somehow reminds him of dick.

Because all whores start off using pacifiers. The mother should've been aware of this before condemning their child to such a promiscuous life ahead. Too late to do anything about it now though. C'mon mom, what were you thinking

Because fuck whores. Haha.

I guess that's where the term man whore comes from since its not just baby girls that suckle on a pacifier either. :P

I'm guessing he has a guilty conscience

\ 28

As long as the pacifier isn't shaped like a penis, I don't see what's the matter...

He sucks at parenting.

I see what you did there..

I don't understand how your husband can even think of his 7 weeks old daughter growing up to be a whore OP. That will not even be last thought on any father's mind.

At that age you can't tell what she'll grow up to be. Plus being a whore is a choice, not a set in stone thing.

Sure you can, 70. If they pop out with a face with so much make up on they remind you of a clown, and blasting Nikki Manaj(spelt wrong?), all while twirking on their momma's vagina, that baby's future is damn near set in stone. Just pray to god your baby doesn't come out like that, if it does, pray for god's mercy on your soul.

"Maaaaarge- he parented"

84-that is no longer a baby, it's demonspawn and needs to be drown in holy water while an exorcist performs the proper rituals

wtf? what kind of twisted logic is that?

I was wondering the same thing... He's a complete idiot, not to mention what the hell would even make you think of something so dirty about his baby girl?? That's f*cked up.

The sexist kind

His logic: Pacifiers lead to promiscuity Promiscuity leads to being a whore Being a whore leads to becoming a stripper Being a stripper makes him a failed father. Don't become a failed father by prohibiting pacifier use early. ITS SO SIMPLE!!!

apparently some strange form of connect the dots

Oh my god #3 your profile pic is painful to look at! What the hell is that?!

LOL! Sounds like a DirectTV commercial....

Goodness gracious. Well according to your husband most of us are whores then.

Including the men.

Everyone knows most men are whores. We're so bad we usually don't even charge for our services.

someone needs to research the reason for a pacifier..

Pacifiers imitate mothers' nipples. Which babies suck on for milk. The similarity calms down and soothes the baby.

It's obvious that pacifiers are used to train babies to become whores when they grow up.

Your husband needs to take a parenting class ASAP

Actually I'm pretty sure he needs more than that. Seriously that is basically the thinking patterns of a psychopath. I would be extremely wary of him OP.

They are fucking 7, to have that at that age is fucking ridiculous! Do they still. Wear a nappy too?

126 oh yeah it's totally ridiculous to have a pacifier when you're 7 weeks old. I'm convinced that you didn't actually read the FML

Fairly sure they are still wearing a nappy. Have not seen any 7 week old babies who are toilet trained.

I think it was inappropriate of me to laugh at this one. But nonetheless, he is not thinking right at parenting.

What a horr-ible situation!

The arrangement for that pun was rather whoreible.

Grauncho 27

Number 11, get out.

Go home, #11. You're drunk.

If he keeps that up good luck when she starts teething.

Once he realizes how hard it is to keep an infant from screaming without a pacifier, he'll probably reconsider.

My girl didn't use or need one until she was 7 months old because she started teething. She only cried when she soiled her diaper or was hungry. I know every child is different and mine was a god-send. But even now I put some baby orajel on her pacifier and give it to her and she only wants it when her gums are hurting. Any other time and she could careless about the thing.

My baby girl is the same way, she has hated them from the beginning and was easily pacified with rocking or some other form of attention.