By emileeisamazing - 03/07/2013 16:54 - United States - Coats

Today, I was chatting online with several relatives, discussing our family reunion. Bored out of my mind, I clicked to rename the conversation to "Boring shit with almost dead people." I didn't know it'd rename it for everyone. FML
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Love all the comments -- my family and I have very joking attitudes toward each other. I always call them "old names". They're not really old, none over 50 at least, and my siblings are both 10+ years older than me. (I'm sure you get the gist.) It was the "boring sh*t" they were offended by. Staring at a caged bear for half an hour isn't too much fun for me, but since then we did decide on zip lining now amongst other non-boring things. We did decide to keep the conversation named that if you were wondering :)

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Wizardo 33

"Unfortunate shit with a soon to be dead OP"

You definitely deserve it. That's such a terrible thing to say about your relatives, even if you thought they couldn't see it.


Wizardo 33

"Unfortunate shit with a soon to be dead OP"

Damian95 16

Bein a total asshole doesn't always pay off?! Who wouldve guessed?

@42 One of the relatives renames the conversation "Unappreciative relative **** that we all hate, but seem to still tolerate"

op should have said "Oops! I was trying to message a friend about our last history paper. sorry for the confusion"

Do they know OP changed it? If not just act oblivious

I think people kind of forget that this situation isn't different from what goes on in most of your minds at least a few times in your life. You have to be the most innocent person ever to have never thought in your head "[insert negative offensive comment]" about your surrounding people or conversations. I think OP deserves it for not taking precautions before typing something he could regret in a place he thought no one would see but was wrong, but not for being an asshole in his mind, which he screwed up and let others see into.

enabray138 5

That pretty harsh

Somebody needs to learn Skype :)

Only logical explanation...blame autocorrect!

Yes, OP was trying to write "Brilliant trip with absolutely darling people", right? They should just leave it at that before it gets worse. Who falls for "autocorrect" anymore anyway?

*Anyone, oh the irony

I don't think anyone is that stupid to believe it was autocorrect

That kind of stuff doesn't happen in real life!

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Only logical explanation... She was using sarcasm!

You definitely deserve it. That's such a terrible thing to say about your relatives, even if you thought they couldn't see it.

YDI for being so disrespectful to people who are almost going away....

Agreed. How can someone not care about losing someone forever...permanently.

rob02 19

Damn dude, that's low

fmhall 3

Black ops 2? Psn: GMO279

flashback.miss 28

YDI. Appreciate your family while you can still enjoy their company.

KiddoKS 19

I agree. If the reunion or the planning are "boring" then take some initiative and come up with some new ideas. You can plan some fun activities and still enjoy everyone's company.

23Z9TZO 18

Shut up eyeball leech, you freak me out

all the best explaining that to the family

I don't see how you don't deserve it. That's a terrible thing to say.

you are the "black sheep" in the family?

I am, my whole family is actually, and we are never invited to family reunions; so he deserves it, I would give anything for them to invite me

lie.. say it wasn't you & blame someone else in the chat