By Anonymous - 18/06/2013 16:16 - United States - Mansfield

Today, I was planning on having sex with my girlfriend for the first time, so I asked my roomate to stay out of our apartment. About half-way through, my roomate blared "The Eye of the Tiger" from the other side of the door. My girlfriend laughed so hard that we couldn't finish. FML
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Your roommates has a badass sense of humor.

RedPillSucks 31

You weren't able to "rise" up?


Your roommates has a badass sense of humor.

So does his girlfriend. OP might have a ways to go to catch up to them.

He was just a man with his will to survive without something bad happening

I would've went with "The Final Countdown" to each their own though!

He could of shouted out "Finish Her!" with a Mortal Kombat voice :)

DyslexicPanda 12

C'mon OP, you have to admit that's pretty funny. Just get him back with any of the previously suggested tactics

TheDrifter 23

Possibly distracting, but OP could have just continued to the rhythm of the song.

Allennis44 16

That would be so hard. The beat of the song is so erratic. BOMP...BOMP BOMP BOMP...BOMP BOMP BOOOOOOOMP

TheDrifter 23

Just shake for the long notes and the rest is easy. Frustrating, but an easy rhythm to remember.

oooh myyyy this sucks sooo muuch... so what if you didn't get to finish? it's not like that was your last time or anything...

You never know. Freaky shit does happen.

I have to give his roommate credit, quite funny!!! Although, if I were his girlfriend.. Probably be pretty upset that it was interrupted and ruined.

flashback.miss 28

More like Eye of the Snake... but seriously, troll roommate strikes!

jojimugo 20

Your picture is disturbing ..

RedPillSucks 31

You weren't able to "rise" up?

are you sure she wasn't laugjing at your manhood?

Are you sure you spelt "laughing" right? ;)

Megan639 16

Are you sure you spelled "spelled" right?

47) Are you sure about your geographical/regional knowledge? Because according to a recent study, there is actually another place on planet earth than where people have actually invented the language you are currently spewing? Excuse my grammatical mistakes and also, please accept my apology as what I stated above was phrased in an unneeded mean Internet tone.

Your roommate is someone I'd like to hang out with

Yea honestly, this isn't even something you can get mad at. You just shake his hand and say “well played bitch.”

DrownedMyFish 18

Just trying to set the mood.