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Today, my future sister-in-law cancelled my invitation to her and my brother's wedding. Her reason was that I was incredibly rude to announce my pregnancy to my family at a time like this, because it took all the attention away from her. FML
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If your brother doesn't have the balls to overrule her on this one, there's a serious issue.


Oh man OP! I've been there. Hang in there. Jealous relatives can really suck :/

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There's nothin more dangerous than a jealous woman.

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...especially on her wedding day

I agree, but OP has missed on the all-important detail... if this thing is tomorrow and you're at the rehearsal dinner - you bad. If this thing is in August - she bad. More info needed.

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I agree with #62. My mom says that at her rehearsal dinner, her sister announced that she had just got engaged and at the wedding reception her sister in law announced that she was pregnant. In her head, she knew it was a convenient time because all the family was together but, coming from a large family, she just wanted one day where she was special.

My sister in law was like that for two months before the wedding, and well, going on six+ months after.

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21: but what about an angry pregnant woman? I think that beats jealous bride.

I don't understand why some people require EVERYONE to be at their constant beckon for a congrats with a wedding. I understand its a huge deal. I don't understand why it requires everyone to be waiting on them hand and feet before, during, and a month after the wedding.

I guess that defines an attention *****.

There's no way to deal with attention ******. If OP decides to not show up at wedding after being uninvited, I'm sure everyone is going to wonder why. once word gets out, people at the wedding would pity OP and the bride would get jealous all over again.

She's probably one of those people who write "First!"

Yeah, she doesn't seem like the kind of person OP would want to be around anyway. OP if I were you I'd just stay home and play vidya, no one needs the stress (especially being pregnant). Congratulations btw

35: my best friend's ex sister-in-law was one of those attention-*****, batshit-crazy their wedding, not only did she pass out pictures of herself to all the guests (without the groom in any of the pictures), she went up to their wedding cake and took the groom piece off and threw it in the trash.

Even when she's not first and deletes the comments of those saying otherwise.

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I know that was sarcasm but you went a bit far.

Being sarcastic in a text is hard when no one hears your intonation

For those of you who are unable to determine the previous comment was dripping with sarcasm... I've got nothing. It was pretty clear.

Don't forget the smiley face at the end! :)

If your brother doesn't have the balls to overrule her on this one, there's a serious issue.

I agree. She must have him really whipped if she can do this with an easy phone call.

this coming from a GUY who likes my little ponies. I'm gonna have to LOL on that one

In all fairness she may not have told him

Irregardless (sorry!), brother should stick up for his sister, and tell wifey to kindly stfu.

She may have gone behind his back on this one, but that's exactly what I thought first.

What does liking my little pony have to do with being whipped and/or a pussy? It's actually a pretty entertaining show, written with a lot of adult humour so that parents can enjoy watching along with their kids. It's got a big following for a reason - it's a good show. The husband-to-be in this FML is clearly under the thumb if he can't talk sense into his future wife.

I was referring to the disturbing trend of "bronies" who get off on watching my little pony. and seeing as how a "brony" thinks the guy is whipped is rather ironic. if I must I shall show my work. my little ponies is a child's show enjoyed by little girls. a grown man that takes pleasure in a cartoon horse is neither manly or sane for that matter. hence a pussy calling another guy a pussy is a laughable thing. so thumb me down all you want but #31 and any other grown guy into my little ponies should seek professional help immediately.

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Bronies are the people who enjoy the show. The majority do not get off to it. Cloppers get off to the show. I don't really fall into either category, but I don't criticize people based on what they like. Firstly, as for bronies that you think need psychiatric help. Why? Because they like something you don't? That's a pretty shitty reason. Secondly...cloppers. I'll admit, it doesn't appeal to me either—but why judge? I'm not saying I'm perfect and never judge, but I'm sure something turns YOU on that some other people wouldn't like. So stop judging the fan base of a show just because YOU think they're mental.

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#74 If you weren't so dense to actually click on a profile, you'd realize he's 14. He's not a grown man. Either way, there's nothing wrong with an adult liking my little pony, there's no need for any "help" if they enjoy a show meant for younger children. You need help if you truly believe that.

i agree with 91. 74 sounds like a case of insecurity.

#74 By your logic than no one should watch anything targeted for a younger audience because it's not "sane" or "manly." If a program is entertaining and carries a good message than what the hell is wrong with people enjoying it? Stop gender stereotyping, grown as men can enjoy any show they'd like.

In my opinion, I think bronies only become an issue when they make perverted and disturbing fan art and post it on the internet for little kids who google My Little Pony to find.

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Is it just me, or brothers and sisters dont really NEED to get invetations?! Invetations are for strangers , if its my brother wedding i'll be the first to show up and help (My opinion)

well OP i feel for ya i have met some people like that and lets just say they are not fun to deal with! especially when your marrying into that. best of luck!!

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Screw that bridezilla, he's your brother, you have every right to be there; though hope once you talk to your brother, he reconsiders marrying that woman.

Not really. If the wife says she cannot be there and the husband does not say differently, then Op does not have a right to be there just because they are family.

#60 **** that. the only reason OP shouldn't have a right to go to the wedding is if they ****** therir brother over the past. Otherwise they have a right to be there; afterall it is their brother.

that is the stupidest thing I ever heard the only way I won't be at my brother who is an army ranger wedding is if I get hurt and end up in the hospital

If OP is a member of the church where the ceremony is taking place, then she DOES have the right to attend, as most churches will not refuse entry to parishioners, even during a wedding ceremony. We're getting married in my fiancee's church, and there are a bunch of regulars there that I do not want to see at my wedding, particularly the creepy bell-ringer guy who sends me books about cats (because he once overheard a conversation where I mentioned to someone that we had 2 cats) and who had an autographed sports jersey sent to me as a condolence present at my grandmother's funeral service, despite the fact that I've never once showed any interest in befriending this person. However, by the rules of the Anglican church, he could show up at our ceremony if he wants to. TL:DR Yes, OP can just show up if she wants.

Talk about a bad case of self-centered Bridezilla...

Wow, she's a selfish bitch. Sorry OP, especially with the hormones from your pregnancy, you shouldn't have to deal with that shit.