Today, I went paint-balling with my girlfriend. As we drove she was scared about getting shot a lot, especially in the head. I reassured her that with all the protective gear it was unlikely. First round, within a minute, she gets shot 3 times in the back of the head. FML
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1, its not that dangerous. 2, its common to get shot in the back of the head. If you ever played you would know. 3, it doesn't hurt that bad. more than a tickle but less then paying taxes

  Jatok  |  17

While you should avoid aiming for the head in paintball, shooting the back just means you obtain some bad ass tactics and know your shit. Who the fuck would shoot someone from the front, where they could get hit too?

  yeongji  |  31

Not as much as some of the cowards I was faced up against that one time. Some idiot shot me at point blank in the back and on the chest. It has been months since I last went and I still have a faint bruised scar on my back.

  Soninuva  |  41

If you're single, this explains why. If you're not, I seriously feel bad for your significant other.

It takes a special kind of asshole to reassure a loved one that something they're frightened about won't happen to them, then be the one that does it to them.


If you were OP and the shots were yours, I'm fairly certain you'd be without a gf then after the face... that woulda been a whole new level of stupid to pull that shit..


*after the fact (and getting really tired of these "hidden" replies (via phone app at least). I would really like to read them to stop reiterating shit people already said all the time. or to at least make sure I can add something unique. and also because I'm a dork who likes reading the replies. idk)

By  maharb01  |  17

I had that same conversation with an old girlfriend, then inside 3 games she got shot in the boob and lit up by about 6 shots because she wasn't putting her gun up high enough to say she'd been hit

By  EnJey0  |  19

If someone is accurate enough to hit another person in the head, they shouldn't need to fire 3 shots. They also should be aiming for center mass, not only does it make it easier for them, but less painful for the victim.