By PeeLeg - 11/03/2013 07:43

Today, I finally got a tattoo of an alchemy symbol that I've wanted for years. I also found out later that symbol stands for urine. FML
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If you wanted it for years, then shouldn't you have invested that time for more research into it? .-.

NEVER put a tatooo on your body if you aren't 100% sure about what is says!!!!


Aspen_Grace33 27

Are you planning on studying urinalysis at least? It can be your passion in life, albeit a little gross.

stevenJB 25

OP wanted to get the outline of a box with a dot in the middle of it as a tattoo?...

HowAreYouToday 34

I bet OP was pissed off when he found out.

I bet OP was full of piss and vinegar, and was pissed off when his buddies told him, "urine trouble."

If you wanted it for years, then shouldn't you have invested that time for more research into it? .-.

Exactly my thoughts. If it took someone a days time to recognize that as a symbol for urine, surley its pretty common and can be found on the internet.

2, sadly, this isn't the first FML post about getting a tattoo they wanted for years and learn, afterwards, it is incorrect or meant something else. FML is good for laughs but there are lessons to be learned here.

NEVER put a tatooo on your body if you aren't 100% sure about what is says!!!!

Why would u fall for such garbage. OP is obviously fictitious.

a friend get a chinese word 宫保鸡丁 he thought it means courage or something.but it really mean a kind of Fry chicken with cucumber and carrot,a traditional Chinese food.

22- Another one of those? Plus you used text-english, that's a double whammy of no-no's. Once again, commenting policy, read it.

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@4, I would also say to never to get a tattoo that doesn't mean anything to you personally. My ancestors are all native Americans or western European, why would someone like me get a tattoo in an Asian writing? It makes no sense to me, but it happens all the time. Tattoos are suppose to mean something to you, that is why you have it permanently written on your body.

@35 I don't think they necessarily have to mean something significant to someone, but I do see ur point. I don't have a tattoo personally, but I know many people who get some tattoos simply for aesthetic reasons. some are meaningful and others are there just for artistic pleasure. to each his own I guess.

No need to apologize # 56, this is FML.

i got a tat thats supposed to mean serenity anf it actually means turtle in shell lol but it has the same meaning

Why the **** would you not research the symbol before you ha it permanently etched into your skin?

stevenJB 25

Laser removal and the less recommended/painful burn the skin or cut it :/ but of course scars. That's all I know

No way. The symbol represents one word; I doubt it's huge. Get back in the ink and cover it up. Message me a pic of your current tat, and I'll help you redesign it.

How many alchemists do you plan on meeting in life? If it's not that many then just say it has personal significance when people ask about it. Peeing is very personal. YDI though.

upallnight11 19

Ha! A little too late, isn't it?

Looks like urine a wee bit of trouble now.

Very nice. The "urine" part is overused, but adding the "wee" in there made me giggle.

Yeah, I can see how a lot of peeple would jump on that pun. It's kind of the number one joke that immediately comes to mind.

Or it's the number two joke hehe ...I hate myself for that

How many FMLs is it going to take for people to realize that they need to fully research what they want to get a tattoo of.

lVluse 15

That sucks. Should have spent more time pondering about it!