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By  Lunar Spice  |  16

Hey guys, OP here. First of all, no, it was not my wedding. No, I did not have my period like some of you are thinking. Some background information, I use Dailies, which are naturally thin (you're supposed to wear them for two days at the most). My eyes get irritated easily, so I was lightly rubbing them, trying to ease the itchiness. I went to the eye doctor the next day (this happened a month ago-ish) to see if he could take the other half out. He couldn't find it, but over a couple days, the discomfort slowly disappeared. I think it just fell out while I was asleep. Yes, it hurt a lot. Yes, I'm still wearing contacts. And yes, the bride was concerned and forgave me. I caught her bouquet at the reception.


glad you're ok and that the other half of the contact probably worked it's way out during sleep.

btw the 'period at wedding' that people have commented on, is probably referencing the other fml where the bride got her's a week early and it stained her dress. in fml' comments if a couple fml's have similarities ppl tend to joke it's happening to the same person.