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  HylianBadger  |  21

I think he was following Louis CK's advice.

"I think a man's penis is the first thing a woman needs to see on a date. That way, she won't be disappointed when it comes to that time later on in the relationship."

^^^^ Can't remember exactly what he said, but it was something along those lines.


I'm surprised he had the balls to show it to her on the second date if it's really that small.
That being said, I've been with big guys who thought just cause they have the size it makes the sex good (spoiler-its not because they think they don't have to try) and I've been with smaller guys who, in my experience, are more concerned with pleasing and do a MUCH better job

By  socksxox  |  19

this happened to me, except I had already said yes to being his girlfriend.. didn't want to be a prick so went along with it and then guilt kept me in the relationship for much longer than nessacary. (he was a manipulative twat , not just about his sick size)

but now I haven't been with him in so long it still makes me chuckle knowing that he will be going through that same awkward 'oh, okay then..' moment forever.

By  Death69  |  24

His size aside...You NEVER pull out your wank on a 2nd date. I will give him this though, at least he didn't bother lying about the size of his Johnson. He just decided to share it with you. ?

  Elban  |  20

Nah he's right right. You should let the other person pull it out if it's only the 2nd date! Sharing sounds bad tho due to portion size

By  9a_z1  |  11

Ew I'm sorry he flashed you his penis. Obviously there are plenty of ways of pleasing a woman that don't rely on penis size, but his behaviour suggests he's not one of the guys who knows about them.

  scyth3s  |  13

That's sad. I can't imagine being handed that shitty card my whole adult life. No wonder he's awkward as fuck about it (pulls down pants and asks her to be his girlfriend).