By GabisayzRAWR - 21/03/2012 16:03 - United States - O Fallon

Today, I was out with my dog, who loves to bury things. He had recently torn apart his toy and buried it in the sand. I saw a piece of it sticking out of the ground, so I picked it up. It turns out that I was not holding his toy, but rather a dead bat. FML
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GabisayzRAWR tells us more.

Thank you :D we checked my dog and he was ok :)

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Batman's dead?!

Well, at least it wasn't alive. Did you bury it again and have a funeral for him? :)


Well, at least it wasn't alive. Did you bury it again and have a funeral for him? :)

The bat could be female.

Oooh, shit just got real^

#9 - Not really, because I'm a male.

^did you mean pwn?..

I had a funeral for a bat when I was nine. Then the neighbors cat got sick after eating it and we got sued.

^I love how this story is 100% believable. 1. If the cat ate the bat, it's the cat's fault for invading your property, or the property in which you buried the bat. 2. The neighbors can't sue you for something their cat did. 3. You're an idiot for thinking any fool would believe this.

Could've been worse. Could've been a used condom

Look 50 they tried to sue us. I'm not saying they actually did. We lived in a duplex so our front yard was our neighbors front yard. So the cat wasn't 'invading'. I'm not an idiot your the idiot. Why don't you just fuck off and stay out of my god damn life.

Batman's dead?!

nananananananana...Batm- oh wait, he died.

Batman is not a joke

28- It could be a joke because all we need to do is through him into a Lazarus Pit, just like they did to Jason Todd.

Anyone else notice he has a batman default but his screen name is night wing which is grown up robin. Contradiction

I did not know that... ^

Actually 38, it's Nightwing transitioning as batman. It's when he took over as batman after the events in final crisis made them think Bruce died

NOOO!!!!! Batman is not dead! I'm batman!

Wait, if you're Batman, who's that creepy guy ouside wearing black?...

he killed Edward Cullen in spirit animal form. I'd say that deserves a round of kibbles n' bits. cheers !

Hahaha my dog appreciates that :D

I've had my husky leave me birds, mice, and once a squirrel- all on my pillow! :/

Once, my dog gave birth to her puppy on my pillow.

Once my cats (originally cat, but as it turns out they breed - who knew?) chased a live chipmunk into the woodpile next to the fireplace. They were surrounding it when I got home.....

Once, my dog (a retriever) decided to randomly "retrieve" a live rabbit. Because she was bred to retrieve without damaging, she managed to carry it up, onto our back porch without causing any serious harm. I can't imagine what the rabbit was thinking.

My old dog brought me a live skunk once. She couldn't understand why I was running away. The skunk was a young one and amazingly didn't spray her. It was just confused as hell. Worst dog gift ever though

Did someone finally kill Edward?

Hopefully. if so no more crappy movies

It wasn't was Blade

Love how everyone hates Edward.

Of course we do, real vampires don't sparkle in sunlight, they turn ti ash, are noctural, sleep in coffins, can turn into bats, live in creepy castles, etc...

God I really hate bats.. They are disgusting :S

This is when Karma makes you a bat in your next life.

I think they're cute ^^

I loved them ever since that one episode of magic school bus. Also, the silver wing series.

51- I remember that episode! It was one of my favorites. :3 Bats are such BAMFs

I don't like bats but only because one flew through my hair once.

When I was in elementary school,we found bats in the rooms all the time,so I had to get used to bats are my 2nd fav animal

Just a friendly reminder to keep your dog current on his rabies shots.

Pets... Gottta luv em'!