By veevee - 17/08/2009 08:31 - Australia

Today, I noticed my dishwasher wouldn't turn on. After shelling out $120 call-out fee, I was a little miffed when the technician walked in, pressed the 'unlock' function and walked out again. FML
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Lol, you got so many negative votes that your "omg im firstttt" comment got buried B)

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lmao ****!!!! and to the op: YDI

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i was being sarcastic. the people who just go OMFG FIRST!!!!!!!!!! are stupid.

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ok.............whether or not you were being sarcastic, you just did the same thing you said was stupid.

Well, this answers the age old question, if a woman is using a computer; BUT IT'S IN THE KITCHEN, can she still use it correctly? Answer: no. (note: vacuum cleaners and irons are an exception)

Humor, you're assuming that said appliances can even be used correctly by said persons.... :-(

Hey "Sucks2bMe," you thus just called yourself stupid and acted likewise to prove it ... 2x. Good move!

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I hate fourth commenters who bitch about first commenters..

That's a lot of money for under one minute of work.

Aback, and the dishwasher manual's Trouble-shooting section, too. Then again, perhaps - for the world's sake at large - she ought not learn how to pass on her genes to the next generation....

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thats usually what happens when people freak out about being FIRSTTTTT OMG

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#9 hahahaha anyway you have to be really stupid not to figure that out before calling the repair guy

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*Resisting urge to feed the sexist troll* >.>

Lmao. I was thinking the same thing. I'll bet the technician was thinking the same thing too...

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actually...when i lived in my apartment, our gas stove wouldnt light. my then boyfriend and male landlord almost took the whole top off looking for the pilot light to relight it. i had to wait the next day for the repairman. he came in said there was no pilot light you just hold the dial on "light" til it lights then adjust. so yeah men arent always as bright either. luckily for me though the guy said he would tell the co i wasnt home and didnt charge me.

yeah, but a man still had the answer.

YDI for being so damn lazy! If you aint got the manual, use the internet! You're a moron, idiot!