By WeiXinLun - 25/12/2013 06:22 - United States - Union City

Today, my new neighbors moved in. They have a chihuahua that constantly barks all throughout the day. It makes a great addition to my other neighbors that have a rooster that goes off at sunrise every morning. FML
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OP here! this actual happened a while ago, but the principle is still the same. the neighbors with the chihuahua, they occasionally yell at the dog to shut up. for the most part, they do nothing. it's not too loud to legally make a noise complaint, but loud enough to be an awful annoyance. as for the ones with the rooster, they don't even speak English. they're from Hong Kong, so they only speak Cantonese, which i don't speak. and i live in the middle of suburbia, so the rooster is very illegal. a 1000$ fine, i believe, if reported. the rooster usually gets really loud around 10, so it sometimes wakes me up, sometimes not. the chihuahua is pretty much 24/7. any more suggestions are more than welcome though, thanks!

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If the rooster is illegal why don't you just report it.

let's have them meet each other, see if the doggy likes to eat ****


let's have them meet each other, see if the doggy likes to eat ****

I'd put money on the rooster. Those things are vicious. The dog would probably run away as it is a wimpy dog.

Those might be my old neighbors. They moved away and took their annoying dog with them. Im sorry you have to endure this, OP.

Communication works, probably asking them to stop their noisy animals would stop the noise.

you can't really stop a rooster :/ but the dog should learn to keep its mouth shut!

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"Shut the **** up, you ******* animal!" "****-a-doodle-BANG"

You should invest in noise canceling headphones. Worked wonders for me when I moved near the airfield.

31, please explain to me how exactly anyone would discipline a rooster?

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something should... "accidentally" happen to that dog.

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Yes, because it's the dog's fault that it does what comes naturally to it and barks.

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haha I'm sure you'd feel the same way if your neighbors had a chihuahua like that. My niece has one and I want to kill it because it's so spoiled and annoying.

Invest in a bark collar and give it to them for Christmas.

Talk to them about it if they do nothing still talk to them again