By hahagirl - 12/09/2012 05:40 - United Kingdom

Today, my cousin suddenly confided in me that he had tried to commit suicide by overdosing when he was 17. Shocked and not knowing how to respond, I blurted out, "Did it work?" FML
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hwkfan1 10

Yes, yes it worked....

Nice choice of words there...


Nice choice of words there...

Everyone blurts out impulsive things when under pressure or shock, perfectly normal and it happens to the best of us. Don't worry too much about it, just make sure that he's doing fine now. Stay safe and well.

I just hope his cousin understood what happened. I don't want him to think OP was excited.

Yes. Yes it worked.

hwkfan1 10

No, no your comment didn't work....

MagicGiraffe 12

I definitely want people to make jokes over my failed suicide attempt...

mduffy08 8

He tried to end his life... I don't think he will be laughing at all...

#74, If the cousin was feeling dumb and embarrassed, it's now clear to him that dumb and embarrassed comes in many shapes and forms. So, he might laugh after his shock wears off.


hwkfan1 10

Yes, yes it worked....

2: The OP must be Haley Joel Osment, because she* sees dead people.

Aug1508 9

"Yes... Yes it worked. I'm actually talking to you as a ghost right now."

stormer461 13

Hey maybe OP had a sixth sense. He could've exchanged it for his common sense.

2- Am I the only one who read your comment in Phineas' voice?

CaptainDoorknob 7

At least OP didn't say "...Need some help?".

The things we say when shocked.

The zombies are coming.

How random... Iightbulbs

It wasnt random. It was just a bad joke

It was funny, just not in the context of this FML. Suicide isn't a laughing matter. If OP had said something about seeing dead people, that comment would have tons of up votes.

It happens. It surprised you, it's not like you hear that often.

Sometimes no words are the best words..

No, I think it would be more awkward if OP doesn't respond in that situation...

That's probably the best advice I've ever heard, some people on the internet and the world should take that to heart...

#47, I agree. It would be more awkward to say nothing. Given OP did say it, "Did it work?" actually may fall into that rare category of "it's so bad it's good," if both can eventually laugh and make a (private) running joke out of it.

You see dead people.

Abdukkt hhoncd pphf l iudvnlo te ksujkvc lpvvf jpvv yeta. Tyt.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Wow... I have blonde moments all the time, but never have even I done something that dumb XD (and that's saying something).

hecka dumb right

A) Its not dumb. People say a lot of impulsive things when shocked. In a way It makes sense because she was basically asking if he was okay, just in a completely senseless way. B) Don't say "hecka". Ever.

#8... You just did.

Lmao I was thinking the same thing. That comment was so dumb I got confused halfway reading it lol

put your **** away...

107- That's a hen not a rooster or "****"

KM96 24

No way! ... :/

Well, did it work?

Obviously since she is still talking to said cousin and he is older.....

Mister_Triangle 21

OP never said that she was talking to her living cousin

15, what if she sees dead people?

That was in terrible taste...