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By Anonymous - 23/08/2013 22:52 - New Zealand - Auckland

Today, I mentioned on Facebook that I'll be out of town over the weekend, because I am attending my grandmother's funeral. I soon got comments saying "Pics or it didn't happen" and "Killed her for the inheritance, eh?" followed by a solitary "LOLLL". FML
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You have very insensitive "friends"!

You need new friends.


You have very insensitive "friends"!

Well this might get buried and I understand how OP must feel right now. If anything they are just jokes made WAY to soon I don't think people genuinely are being this cruel, if they are well.... This is the Internet and its tough to get around trolls sometimes even in FB

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Welcome to Facebook.

11. I'm pretty sure there's no appropriate time to make those jokes.

33 - I agree, but people will make them regardless. The internet is chaos and this is a result.

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They are huge assholes for saying that about the situation you're in.

"I'm the kind of guy that laughs at a funeral, can't understand what I mean then you soon will" -Barenaked Ladies (band)

OP, do unto others as they do to you.

As many have said I am sorry for your loss. And hope you will be ok.

You need new friends.

You might want to consider adding real friends instead of people you know. It might lesson the friend count (not like that shit matters) but you won't get asshole posts like that.

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Woop woop! Anti-Facebook hipster detected!

I like facebook for keeping in touch with family and just close friends. Most people add random strangers to their facebook and thus get these types of responses. Thats why i said this post isnt very surprising. :)

Just wondering, is your username pronounced hymen?

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Wow some friends you have

Either you are a known liar or your "friends" are real assholes.

Wow, what great "friends" Sorry for your loss.

It wasn't too bad up until the LOLLL..

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No, it was bad the whole way

What is wrong with people? I bet if they lost a family member and you posted that they'd be completely pissed at you.

Or they'd post pics and say," Grandma's dead! I'm rich, b**ch!"

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Sorry for your loss OP. My best friends grandfather had died the other day and I'm going to his funeral tomorrow. They're all like my other family and they all consider me as their daughter/granddaughter/sister. :( Ignore your insensitive 'friends' and delete those people that have made those comments. I have you and your family in my prayers.

ugh. first world problems. are you surprised that someone in the world didn't care? news flash: everyone dies. you're not special. & when you put your personal life on facebook you're subjecting yourself to everyone's opinions. whether they care or not. you did it to yourself. get over it.