Donut laugh at me

By sdeeter - 29/04/2013 13:39 - United States

Today, I had a job interview at the local donut shop. It turns out I misunderstood the position, and that the job was actually to wear a donut costume and wave at cars outside the shop. I was told this after I got hired. FML
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Hey, it's a job

"Hi, I'm a Job" - Steve Jobs


Hey, it's a job

"Hey, it's a job!"-Brothel Owner

"Hey it's a job" - Brothel Janitor

RedPillSucks 31

Hey, it's a Job - Brothel Breast Examiner.

"Hey, it's a job!" -Prostitute

"Hey, it's a job"-brothel maid

"Hi, I'm a Job" - Steve Jobs

"I'm Job. " -Job

Wizardo 33

"I had a job!" - Goldman Sachs bankers


"I got a hand job" - random guy

"Hey, it's a job" -child laborer

What jobs?- Obama

Hey, i'm supporting someone's business. -John

"What's a job?"-Paris Hilton

nah 115, we all know ms Hilton knows exactly what a "job" is. And thanks all commenters above, very funny stuff!

flockz 19

"that's my job?!?" -kamikaze pilot

Wizardo 33

D'oh, well at least you're getting some dough though and free donuts...

Hey Macklemore! Can we go to the Doughnut Shop?

Wizardo 33

I'm gonna pop some nuts, only got 20 dollars in my pocket, im-im-im hunting, looking for some doughnuts, this is freaking awesooome.


This donut smells like piss... But hey it was 99c

I'm not saying you deserve this but it's a good to clarify whilst being interviewed exactly what the position will entail. Good luck OP! :)

That's sneaky of them to not mention that until afterwards, but it isn't the worst job you could have.

Sewage and the people that jerk off chickens and horses = worst jobs ever. Be grateful.

Well, at least you get paid!

That donut sound like a very good job.

You didn't ask what the job consists of? Baking donuts, cashier, or cleaning? I guess they follow the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy

Your job will bring you great fortune. Sometimes cookies from Chinese restaurants lie.

Fortune is relative - for a penniless person, £1 would be a great fortune.

OP should dress up, find a few other mascots, and go on strike. It would be the funniest picket line ever.

But you get to work at a doughnut shop, you lucky bastard! That was going to be my fallback job if this whole surgery thing didn't work out.

ters19 10

May I inquire if the surgery has to do with your profile picture?

Yes, docbastard got to surgically remove a coke bottle from someone's ass.