By Anonymous - 03/05/2012 11:37 - Australia

Today, I called my mum, crying because of my low self-esteem. She interrupted my sobs by saying, "Can I hang up now? The phone's getting hot." FML
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What a bitch. Sorry OP! :(

olpally 32

Your mom is horrible!!! Sheesh... Parents are terrible sometimes... Don't let her get to you like that.. The fml community supports you op! Hang in there!


What a bitch. Sorry OP! :(

Phones take a while to heat up like that (at least mine does), I feel like OP was just sitting there crying for 30+ mins, at which point I would probably be ready to hang up. Besides, if it was important, the cell phone would taken out of the equation. Cell phones have destroyed almost all interaction. Cell phones and facebook. How does my family talk to each other when we are all under the same roof? Text messages. Wanna know something important in a family members life? You'd best check facebook. No idea how many conversations I've been completely confused with until I ask and someone says, "Haven't you been on facebook?!"

What does your squabbling have to do with the FML at all? OP could live far away from her mum. And you even replied to the first comment just to list that. Off-topic!

Obviously you cared, since you felt the need to respond to it. It was related since I started with saying that it might not be OPs mom being a bitch, but a case of a phone call being drawn out so much that her phone was heating up and not much left to say. Yes, I went a little bit into personal anecdotes and a mini rant, but as much as it could be invalid, it could also be valid in that it should have been face to face

My iPhone takes less than 15 minutes to heat up sometimes and it does get really hot against my ear, so I do understand OP's mom in that aspect. However, she did not need to be so rude, especially when OP is in such a vulnerable state of mind. People who are upset need comforting and confirmation that they have support. Sorry OP! Call your mom on a landline next time to eliminate one excuse.

Drigr- it looks like your really bored right now.

Tali147 16

I feel that if Drigr wants to whine about how much technology is ruining our society, he/she should post their own FML.

Dr0reos 8

1 youre right i wish i could give you two thumbs up.the other one for the profile pic (sr-71)

Drigr, what if they live each in a different city far away, or maybe a different country? It could even be they're on two ends of the globe. You must be rather daft to just assume they can visit one another easily. Besides, who are you to tell anyone how to communicate? That's rather imperious of you.

fadingfaith 4

That's what the speaker button is for. Op's mom has no real excuses. This was for #49.

PrincessesCrown 17

Well those cell phone do start to heat up. Im so sorry about your bitch of a mom!

Contradictory comment is contradictory!

2- This comment hurts to read.

shanemaximo 7

OP's mom's **** level is over 9000!!!

gurly98 13

She ******* deserves it

olpally 32

Your mom is horrible!!! Sheesh... Parents are terrible sometimes... Don't let her get to you like that.. The fml community supports you op! Hang in there!

Dr0reos 8

OP's mom was just being careful.Burnt Palms are the leading cause if death in america.Right after exposure to gamma rays via the dishwasher.

That's kind of self centered if you think about it. she should have atleast helped you with your self esteem problems

xStaciexLynnx 15

68- Good thing OP is from Australia then.

I know what OP's mom did was obviously not the best choice of response, and I understand that of all people, OP's own mother should be expected to listen to her situation. BUT... think about it. Would you really want to listen to somebody ramble on about their problems for who knows how long? I mean, everybody has their own problems. I'm sure OP's mom doesn't call her daughter every time she's upset if this is how she responded. She probably just deals with it, and she probably expects the same of her daughter. Just because she's her mother doesn't necessarily mean she wants to hear her rant about how bad her life is. Nobody likes a Debby-downer.

I wonder why op's mum haven't gotten her daughter any help to deal with her issues since it's so hard for her to listen to op..

Dr0reos 8

73 I have only done studies on cellphone-hand-burn-deaths in america so we dont know how it affects non-americans(filthy hellbound foreigners).It also doesnt help that all of the data i have is completely made up.

ifoundalaska 11

83- a moms duty is to be welcoming to their child and listen to their child when they need someone to talk to. It's not the childs job to listen to their mother however, their mother should be venting to their partner or friend or a therapist. Op's mom is being a lousy mom.

I don't think I have heard enough of this conversation to be able to judge the mom. Maybe the OP was on the phone for hours.

Parents unfortunately don't always have the support in them we so need. You were strong enough to reach out, reach out to a professional -who cares enough to dedicate their life to mental health.

challan 19

To hell with low self esteem! Don't feel bad about yourself, feel bad for others. You are better than somebody, find someone and grade yourself on a curve. Like Hitler! He ******* sucked- if he was a 2 you're a damn 10!!! Or Oj Simpson! If he was a 3 your a 10 there as well! ;) But, if you are Oj, you do suck and I can't help ya!

xCrazyMexican 4

Are you kidding me OJ was the shit. People seem to forget about how much of an outstanding football player that man was. I'm not saying I support what he did or anything but you know somewhere inside you like OJ not for his killing or anything but cuzz he's that great a player. So please don't say hes garbage and shit because people sill obviously respect him as a player but not a person.

alliewillie 22

I didn't know that being good at something - sports, singing, air hockey, math, whatever - automatically made you "the shit" and worthy of respect, even in the face of murder.

xCrazyMexican 4

No playing air hockey makes you gay. Playing football and being one of the best running backs ever makes you the shit. I don't care about his wrong doings im looking at his football career and how he was such an amazing performer he deserves more credit then what people give him and it irritates the shit outta me

perdix 29

Cheer up, she thought enough of you to make up a plausible-sounding excuse rather than telling you the cold truth, "Can I hang up now, because you are boring me with your incessant blathering, you self-indulgent crybaby!" Orange you glad she didn't say that? Or banana?

I have a saying: Believe in yourself. Not the people who believe in you, not the you who believes in the people, but believe in the you who believes in yourself. Just focus on you only, forget about anyone else who gives you shit. Good luck. :)

ALMOST got an anime reference in there xD But yeah, this. Ignore the dicks telling you to "grow a pair", they're insensitive and probably don't get what empathy is. Sigh.

I had to edit Kamina's quote to fit the FML and cheer OP up.

wow what kind of mother is this :O

olpally 32

A heartless one... :(

matta85 0

OP to hell with the low self-esteeme! You have stop care what everyone else thinks. You only live once, make the best out of everyday. Challenge yourself each day, do something that scares you. And if I feel down, i'll train and feel so much better afterwards :)

It's difficult for some people to control their feelings toward their own self-esteem. Kudos to you for being able to stay positive! :)

I truly thank you for saying "you only live once" instead of "YOLO."

don't do something unhealthy or deadly. Or that day just MIGHT be your last

DobiesJS2012 9

Well, if you're an adult, I can see where she's coming from. I wouldn't want to face the realization that I raised a pansy either.

People like you brings me shame. How can you say that to your child?

DobiesJS2012 9

I don't have any kids so I couldn't say exactly what I would do but there always comes a time when you have to stop babying people and let them grow up.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Low self-esteem is very common in adults of any age, and often leads to suicide. A lot of the time it's because people share that kind of mindset, and think someone is just being childish and overreacting. ...Actually it applies to people at any age. If someone is reaching out to you, ignoring them is a dangerous thing to do.

23 People's life experiences change them ALOT, I should know. In school, I was always the upbeat kind of guy and would be a happy person to hang around with. That changed when my dad got diagnosed with cancer though. I was extremely depressed and because of this I lost most of my friends and was frequently bullied. When my dad finally recovered and was back to normal I still wasn't the same (I am better than before) but I was still depressed and I lost most of my confidence. So if you told me to stop being a baby and grow up I would feel sorry for you because you can't realize that some people in this world get life easy and some turn into bullies, and some are really nice people, and there's other people that have had a really damn hard life and can't take any more of it because they just had too much. So don't just tell OP to just grow up because it's not that ******* simple.

For those of us capable of greater empathy than that of a crushed brick: low self-esteem and breaking down is not because you are 'weak' or a 'pansy'. It does often come from exposure to people with less empathy than a crushed brick, however.

DobiesJS2012 9

I agree with all of you. There are plenty of challenges in life that can change the way a person feels about himself. I didn't have the smoothest childhood either but I've come out of it ok. This particular FML just got under my skin a little.