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Today, I went to the movies with the girl I liked. She kept on eating my popcorn so I whispered in her ear "Pretty soon your going to have to repay me with kisses." Then she looked at me and walked out the theatre. She came back with a bucket of popcorn and said "Here, you're repaid." FML
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Maybe it's because you can't spell "you're" right.


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wow dude way to ruin it i mean you got to be able to read girls... its not every girl would find that cool some girl actually take offense to shit like that... but she acted like a bitch because i really don't think she had to go to that extent it was just a joke... and if you were serious she could of laughed it off and given you a hit that's not happening

Yea totally. However, it would have been cute if she got those Heresy Kisses and gave them to him.

too bad movie theatres dont sell those. also that probably would have given him the wrong idea.. doing that is cute and thoughtful and would give him hope for kisses in the future but what she did was a very clear and blatant "im not interested" in my mind anyway.

Next time stick your dick in the pop corn..

me and my ex gf joked like that but we got further than a kiss ;) but hell bro not all girls like to play that way. srry

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Idiot isnt even second what a fail

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awww! ha :) that was pretty smooth of u, tho

Maybe it's because you can't spell "you're" right.

Could also be because he can't spell "rejected" right either.

I only clicked this one to see if anyone else noticed that he spelled "rejected" wrong...

Wow I just noticed he couldn't spell rejected. Nice catch you guys. ______________________________

I hope you guys realize that there is a possibility that someone else has the username "rejected"...

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Or possibly, it's one of them portmanteau things. Rejected + Reginald = Regected. Win.

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#4 he spelled "you're " right once so must know how to spell "you're" and everyone who thinks he doesn't know how to spell "rejected" j is extremely close to g on most keyboards or maybe he was using another keyboard, such as a phone or psp, ds, wii

Or, like #56 already said, there might already be a username called rejected (which is extremely likely) so he just went for something that sounded similar.

56, you do realize you can make up any nickname you want once you log off and submit, regardless on if it's already a username? Also yes, lol it's you're, OP, not your. Though it does suck, you were just trying to be cutesy (I hope) and she had to act like a jerk about it. What SHOULD have happened: "Pretty soon your going to have to repay me with kisses." "Hah! All right, fine I'll get another bucket [sticks out tongue]" It SOUNDS the same, but notice the chick isn't being all "[shove] Here, repaid" If you were being serious about the kisses, though, you suck.

Grammar nazi fail DamegreyWulf "your going" versus "you're going"

Reading fail chocogatto12. The OP said "your going", so Dame used "your going" in his example to make it identical to the FML. Also, note how the girl says "you're" while the OP says "your". Seems like the girl uses grammar better than the OP. I find that funny.

She could have been trying to be funny. Then, it's not FML or YDI. It's just half the story.

LOL that wasn't even a half bad line... wow... she obviously doesn't like you

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Actually, it's pretty bad. Just imagine someone saying that to you. Repay me with kisses? Really?

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it's not even the line, it's probably just how he said it. YOU DESERVE IT FOR MAKING A PRETTY DECE LINE SOUND AWKWARD AND UNATTRACTIVE.

I disagree. Even if I did like a guy, if he said that to me on the first date, I wouldn't want to kiss him - I don't owe him anything.

I don't think that's too bad of a line either. I mean, it's not like a random person said it. They are probably friends or something, otherwise she wouldn't have gone with him. However, your life isn't remotely ****** just because you got slightly "regected". Hey, at least you got some free popcorn!

I copied it from the FML :I (this better reply to the right comment, this time) [edit] Damn it FML! I'm replying to 172, not these guys...

I cringed when i read that line. That is a terrible, terrible line.

at least she did repay you even though it wasn't the way you wanted her to.

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Also, there's a difference between being a grammar nazi, and expecting people to not abuse the English language. People who use 'your' incorrectly are most likely... ******* stupid

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#27 you're obviously "******* stupid" too because he used you're correctly and are too "******* stupid" to consider that people who use it incorrectly are possibly trying to multitask, are really tired, or don't care about english like most overly obsessive compulsive trolls on this website

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27 ftw 109 ftl He did use the wrong "your," and you don't have to be intensely focused (P.S. who is multitasking when posting on FML? The man's typing on a keyboard, what else are you expecting him to do?), awake, or be obsessive compulsive to notice. Honestly, how hard is it to put an apostrophe and an e in a word? It's called learning your native language, it's not that hard. You are = you're Not a hard concept. In fact, if you do it enough, it becomes a habit, and you look like way less of an idiot. Take note, 109.

Yeh, I would of made sure the feeling was mutual before whispering that in her ear.

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It kills me that everyone will go on and on about using the correct form of your, but no one ever seems to mind when someone says 'would of', which I can say is--without hyperbole--one million times worse. Anyway, OP: YDI for essentially calling her a prostitute.