By TurtleTeacher - 14/10/2011 06:09 - United States

Today, my students took my glasses, hid them from me, and called me a turtle when I squinted my eyes trying to look for them. This carried on for about 25 minutes. FML
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Something's not right when even the teachers are becoming the victims of bullying...

saIty 17

You should have then ripped of your shirt and tried to act like a green angry ripped monster. That would scare the poop out of your students.


saIty 17

You should have then ripped of your shirt and tried to act like a green angry ripped monster. That would scare the poop out of your students.

Turtles are slow, but I'm pretty sure they can see fine.. Someone explain this insult to me.

indielove 13

And did you give them a punishment? If not it'll happen again.

College kids can be so cruel nowadays. ;-)

rexgar2000 10

turtles see fine but their eyes makes them look like they are squinting that why they are calling him turtle.

signuplogin 1

Number 5- turtles aren't actually slow thats a myth

Something's not right when even the teachers are becoming the victims of bullying...

mrpipp 0

Only weak pansies and freaks get bullied

The weak are the ones who do the bullying.

mrpipp 0

Nah only make fun of the freaks who can help it, if someone can't help it that's one thing but when they act like a total freak that's when they just plain deserve it

33, in a free country as many of us are from, it shouldn't matter how you act, because you're free to act how you want (as long as laws aren't broken). So saying that someone who acts 'weird' (which btw may vary in meaning depending on who you ask) deserves to be bullied is just plain stupid and uncalled for at the least.

No one should be bullied! Treat everyone as an equal!

**** you mrpipp. Being bullied for being different is horrible. If you've ever bullied someone because they were a "freak" then I hope you go to bed every night ashamed of the kind of person you are. Nobody should ever be bullied.

Victoire_W 0

give them all detention and a give B- to all the Asians and there lives will be ruined. JK lol

Grammar is your friend. Learn to write engrish properly tyvm

jellitonoctopus 19

Although you're "kidding", I find that statement to be extremely offensive. For you to believe what you said was funny is pretty pathetic. Education is important, my friend.

Victoire_W 0

I don't really believe that, and anyone who does is stupid.

mrpipp 0

Chill out it was a joke you oversensitive cotton headed ninny muggins.

Only 25 minutes? At my school, you'd have never lived that down.

They should all have detention, or some other form of discipline. If a teacher lets something like that slide, that's pretty shitty.

mishkaroni 15
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You shoulda threatened them with the principal, that worked at my school until about 5th grade. After that you're screwed!

Beebow_fml 5

Take their grades and call them ******* when they whine.

Buttsexpirate 9

Hopefully their parents understood it when their children came home with bruises on their butts from all the whoopings they received afterwards.

I voted both FYL and YDI. I'm very sorry you were bullied by your students, but I have this strong feeling that you are the kind of teacher that says: "If you do this one more time, I will punish you!" and never punishes anyone. You don't have to become a Hitler-copy in the classroom, but you can't expect your students to respect you and to behave good if you don't punish their bad behaviour. You are the boss in the classroom, don't let them cross your line.

mishkaroni 15

I voted the same thinking right along your lines

Sadly, these days, even if you try to punish the little bastards, either the administration just gives them a slap on the wrist, or the parents come in and make your life miserable for persecuting their perfect little angels. The parents expect teachers to discipline their little monsters, but the first time the teacher does and the evil little gremlins run home screaming about "mean teacher", the parents are up in arms, screaming for the teacher's head on a lunch tray. Teachers these days just can't win.

Oh, yes we can. If our administration is good (= proper notes in their agenda, writing down the kids bad behaviour...), parents can't do that much. If a teacher never gives notes and suddenly gives a detention, that's a different story.

Yea the first bit of advice I got from my mentor when I went in to teach my first class was to lay down the law right from the start and be friendly, yet let them know they will never get away with shit. Children can smell weakness and they will exploit it to no end unless you deal with them with power and authority and you're fully able to back up your claims. Parents appreciate good teaching even if their kids cry by the end of it.

And let me guess, when you later asked the students who took your glasses if they have travelled outside the country excluding Canado or Mexico, one of them is going to say "Arizona."