Oh lawd, he comin'

By logkitty - 10/04/2012 04:35 - United States - Los Angeles

Today, I was sitting in my car outside my apartment complex when a man came around the corner holding something shiny, and I thought was a gun. Thinking I was about to get robbed at gunpoint, I bugged out and threw up. It was a silver watering can. He asked if I was okay. FML
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sounds like you live in the ideal neighbourhood!!!

Now if that was really a gun, is your defense still puking?


sounds like you live in the ideal neighbourhood!!!

RocketNinjaFish 12

why were you sitting there anyway? at least it wasn't a gun.

PYLrulz 17

2 - Could have been getting ready to pull out and drive somewhere, could of just came back from somewhere and hadn't gotten out of the car, or was looking for something in the car.

The neighborhood doesn't matter. The great thing about cars is that they move maybe just a little faster than someone who may possibly rob you........

Ok 17, you get me a car that can go faster than a bullet.

jisaac09 25

Naturally anyone wanting to rob you would instinctively shoot at you if you attempt to flee in a vehicle. The point of most robberies is your money and/or material possessions, usually not your life. But I do agree with people saying OP over reacted. I carry a gun every day (going to get some down votes for that), that doesn't mean I am interested in robbing someone. And that definitely does not mean I think every shiny piece of metal is a weapon meant to harm me. Being from California would explain a lot of this. Not because people from California are any less/more intelligent but because the have stricter gun laws.

Don't make a bad comment worse with a terrible pun.

But this is fml. I thought the point of commenting here was to saturate the comments with horrible puns and worthless statements that add nothing.

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6 - It might work if we are talking about an FML dealing with the inner workings of a woman, so to speak

6- There is nothing that says the OP was a woman. Regardless, this comment is pretty sexist for assuming that there is something inherent about a woman that would make her overreact.

How does a watering can look like a gun? That's what I don't get.

I find rugby tackling people who look suspicious works best...If there innocent let them go, if not get the weapon! Never tackle grannies though...I still remember that day, I'm sorry grandma it's the way you held that knife..!

32 - Not trying that hard, just an unfunny comment - it happens :/

32- There's a very simple way for you to avoid any comments you don't like... Don't read them. There was no real necessity in telling him that he's trying too hard, it was just rude.

I've always wondered something about that comeback. If you haven't read/watched/heard something how can you know if you like it or not? You can't avoid a comment you don't like if you don't know what it says.

Whoops. Accidentally thumbed it up. THUMBS DOWN. What the hell kind of comment was that?

Well it's still something that can use the water gun attack

Maybe you should think about what you would do in a gunpoint situation, just in case

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Op doesn't need to think about it they already know.

I hope you threw up out the window, not in the car. On the bright side, at least the man would have had water to clean it up!

bitch_pleez 10

Was the man black or Mexican? Because if so, it's slightly more reasonable why you panicked. Yes I'm against stereotyping, but I realize that many people still do it, and I'm Mexican myself, if that changes anything.

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Mod, you can delete this, had meant it for a reply under a thread, not it's own thread

Bah, you can thank Baustigt for bringing out my inner alcoholic sadist.

It’s ironic that this seemingly failed thread would elicit such a hilarious exchange. I wish I could thumb up Sirin, but you'll just have to accept Baustigt's thumbs as going for the both of you.

Sometimes I wonder if the mods ever edit/screw with stupid comments for fun... If not, you guys should totally start. ^_^

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I just hope they start with you..

Mm...no you're wrong. It's a gun shaped like a watering can. Quick! Throw your vomit in his face for self defense! The acid will burn his eyes and give you a chance to flee.

Logkitty used EMESIS, it's not very effective. Man used SPLASH, Logkitty fainted.