By misTreated - 30/05/2010 04:01 - United States

Today, I was spelling T-R-E-A-T to my fiancé so that the dog wouldn't understand what I was talking about. Turns out, neither could my fiancé. FML
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SeedlessMe 13

yes. you say the word 'treat' or 'cookie' in my house, you better be prepared with some for the beasts or you get harrassed!


Samuel L. Jackson wit a jheri curl ftw!!!!

hawxfighter_fml 0

I'm a mushroom cloud layin mothafucka, mothafucka

idk... nothing goes my way and everything just sucks in general :)

see, that's really nice of you. wish girls like actually existed in real life :P

omg, that whole comment was a fail.., I need some sleep, it's 5:30am...

wow I can see it now... where did you meet your husband/wife? oh I met him/her while chatting on fml... that's just sad

30, you're picture is extremely ironic for this situation. that's pretty hilarious

As long as she's good in bed. just don't spell F-U-C-K and she'll understand totally when you point to the bedroom.

at least he has you. so his life is not ******, unlike yours

ChivalrousZombie 0

Totally dumb, I hope your fiancé has a good career to support you with that doesn't require brains. Otherwise gtfo now!

so that the dog wouldn't understand?? are u serious ?! lol

SeedlessMe 13

yes. you say the word 'treat' or 'cookie' in my house, you better be prepared with some for the beasts or you get harrassed!

kikiwi_fml 9

Yep, they know the word treat at my house too. They'll pause and stare at you, then bark obnoxiously until they get a treat... It also works in the opposite direction with the word 'bath'.

My dog is the same was and when he is almost 12 years old it is hard to change him. We also can't say ball or car ride. Otherwise he expects it.

I wonder if the dogs smarter than her maybe I'm right

yeah right like dogs actually understand english... Wow.

it's called positive associaion. The dog associates the sound of "treat" with a yummy prize, toward which (theoretically) goes all crazy for.

You're an idiot 17. Dogs can "understand" whatever language their owners teach them. They associate the words with food.

17 isn't an idiot... 17 is a ******* dipshit that knows absolutely nothing

yeah right now why don't you also tell me that gingers have souls ;-)

17 If you teach a dog to sit then when they will sit when you say it. If you say 'who wants a treat' whenever you give him a treat he will know what you mean of you say 'treat'.

and if dogs were such smart muthaf***as, then you'd just have to get a french dog instead, then you'd know it doesn't understand anything ;-)

exactly. i ******* hate small dogs, they're almost as bad as cats