By anonymous / Friday 18 September 2009 17:48 / France
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  Leviyah  |  0

Well...as far as I know the only people who use thermometers rectally are babies...and you use the armpit when they are too big for that but too little to hold it in their mouths.
Around here temperature is always taken by mouth. Doctor's office, at home, in the ER. It's just normal.

To the OP...that might be grounds for leaving the relationship...not that he used a thermometer in the dog's bottom, but that he LAUGHED AT YOU for using it. Jerk. FYL

  walrys  |  0

To #40: Are you kidding? I would have laughed my ass off if I was the boyfriend.

I'm sure he felt horrible for her, it's just that it's funny to hear that someone you know well accidentally put a thermometer that had been up a dog's ass in her mouth.

The FML here isn't the boyfriend, it's where the thermometer was.

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