By Anonymous - 06/11/2014 12:15 - United States - Gainesville

Today, my eight-year-old microwaved our thermometer to see if the temperature would change. FML
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Well, did it?

I'd say it's a good scientific curiosity your child has.


Well, did it?

My thought exactly

I am very curious as well.

It probably did right before it exploded

I doubt that it changed. Microwave lengths really only resonate with water heating water up. I dont think it has any affect on mercury and they bounce off metal. I could be wrong though. Gives me something to google ^·^

No it wouldn't, the microwave makes molecules move faster in the food which makes kinetic energy which turns to thermal energy (I don't know how yet we haven't gotten that far in physics haha), so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't

#84 if you find the answer, please let us know, but I think you're right.

#93 The kinetic energy becomes thermal energy through the heat produced from the friction of the particles colliding. Pretty much the basics of both chemistry and physics, surprised you haven't learned that.(especially since most schools require you take chemistry before physics)

The amount of people who've tried it now, or will try it, is too damn high …

I hope you're kidding when you say you would try this. Have fun catching your microwave on fire or worse being caught in a chemical explosion.

Really? Given that chemistry is the study of how chemicals react to each other, I would think that it would necessary to first study how molecules affect each other and the basic laws of motion (at least). In what order did you take these classes?

#84 - The thermometer could have had alcohol in it instead of mercury.

I took Physics first too.

The newer thermometers use Alcohol

Did she get hurt? Wow, hope nothing bad happend.. at least a lesson was learned here?

>Assuming OP's child is a girl.

>Tfw you're acting like this is 4chan #24

What does tfw mean? ...

"The Face When". Most commonly "My Face When", but either goes, really.

'That feeling when'

My little sister did this too when she was 6 or 7. It caught the microwave on fire.

Kids will be kids sorry op that's just what they do

Right. Better an eight year old than an eighteen year old.

hence why kids need parental supervision... I'm assuming no people were hurt because of the FML's ending. R.I.P OP's thermometer.

Also quite possibly R.I.P OP's microwave...

But you can't possibly supervise an 8 year old 24/7. Sometimes it's best that they learn from their own mistakes.

my thoughts exactly teabag

My friend's 5-year-old cousin put her hamster in the microwave because it was "a little chilly." It could be worse.

Did he microwave his brain at any point, as well?

No silly, he'd be dead before he gets his brain in the microwave.

>Assuming OP's child is a boy.

I guess you're getting burnt with his shit -ba dum tss-

Please, never try stand up.

I don't care if I got downvoted it was supposed to be dumb XD

What was the down vote for there? I simply made a joke my god

A shitty joke.

I guess it would be a shitty joke, if you consider it a joke at all.

I thought calling it a joke was the joke.

I don't think you people get the joke wasn't supposed to be funny more of an anti joke I would say

That wasn't even an anti-joke. That was just blatant stupidity.

I'd say it's a good scientific curiosity your child has.

Curiosity killed the cat…

And the family of four when a thermometers mercury poisoned them.

Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

#32 Thermometers are made with a special blend of mercury that can't be absorbed by humans so the chances of the mercury in it actually harming you is quite low.

Seems like a solid science experiment to me, 8 year old me would have loved that.

I'm just waiting for some poor lab student to drop dead after reading that, #80.

It was used as medicine for a while. I doubt one thermometer's worth could kill you.

Most thermometters use an organic liquid instead of mercury. Especially home use thermometeres, so it probably did heat up.

#80 - The thermometer could have had alcohol in it instead of mercury.

Wave good by to it. Hopefully it didn't explode like mine did with a poptart.

I thought I was the only one that microwaved poptarts with the foil.... It didn't explode though. All I did was open a gate to hell in my microwave.

Mine went kaboom ... I wish I could blame the kid but.... Hey at least I didn't toast them in the foil.

I agree with NotGabe. You should be happy your kid has such an interest in the world around them. You should try to channel that with various project kits, I bet they would get a kick out of that! With the added benefit of not destroying your house

You know, there's a reply function.

I know there is, but I felt my comment was more aimed at OP. I was merely acknowledging a previous post along the same line. But thank you captain obvious

Doesn't matter, it could still and should have been made into a reply to their comment.

You cant tell them what to do!! Youre not even their real mom!

Oral thermometer or rectal thermometer? The difference is the taste.

They mean one of those you usually find outside.

You got a lot of down votes but i laughed haha

At least he's interested in science and doesn't spend all his time on the Internet. I hate hippocritical parents.

You gathered all of that about OP from one post?

I hate people that can't spell hypocritical. How is op being hypocritical anyways?

Maybe #11 just really hates parents who are critical of hippos?

So, do you know the OP personally? If not, how do you know they spend all their time on the internet? Just because the OP wrote an FML, it doesn't mean they are always on.