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  jeffcox99  |  10

I doubt that it changed. Microwave lengths really only resonate with water heating water up. I dont think it has any affect on mercury and they bounce off metal.
I could be wrong though.
Gives me something to google ^·^

  Ilikepie82479  |  20

No it wouldn't, the microwave makes molecules move faster in the food which makes kinetic energy which turns to thermal energy (I don't know how yet we haven't gotten that far in physics haha), so I'm pretty sure it wouldn't

  thesinginguy  |  18

#93 The kinetic energy becomes thermal energy through the heat produced from the friction of the particles colliding. Pretty much the basics of both chemistry and physics, surprised you haven't learned that.(especially since most schools require you take chemistry before physics)

  katpollot13  |  2

Really? Given that chemistry is the study of how chemicals react to each other, I would think that it would necessary to first study how molecules affect each other and the basic laws of motion (at least). In what order did you take these classes?

  jeffcox99  |  10

#32 Thermometers are made with a special blend of mercury that can't be absorbed by humans so the chances of the mercury in it actually harming you is quite low.

By  reeper147  |  14

I agree with NotGabe. You should be happy your kid has such an interest in the world around them. You should try to channel that with various project kits, I bet they would get a kick out of that! With the added benefit of not destroying your house

  reeper147  |  14

I know there is, but I felt my comment was more aimed at OP. I was merely acknowledging a previous post along the same line. But thank you captain obvious

  rocker_chick23  |  27

So, do you know the OP personally? If not, how do you know they spend all their time on the internet? Just because the OP wrote an FML, it doesn't mean they are always on.