By cjd - 23/03/2012 14:23 - Canada - Montreal

Today, in health class we were watching a documentary about anxiety. My teacher asked if any of us often feel anxious. I was too anxious to raise my hand, and went into a minor panic attack. FML
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I know how it feels to have anxiety, and I wouldn't have raised my hand either.

Panic attacks are horrible, sorry OP... :(


fernclogger 5

I got in trouble for feeling nervous and needing to take a shit once in health class...

Were you feeling anxious while writing this "FML" as well

I get Nervous just needing to take a shit in class coz my school is a pile of SHIT and only have one set of toilets even though we have more than 11 hundred people at my school :-/

Gotta lick dat Birdy! Suck a nut, and have yoself a fine day

^Before you can become like DocBastard (which is impossible; there is and always will be only one Doc), you should probably learn how to spell "Bastard" first.

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If 39 EVER becomes like Docbastard... People this is a sign, the world is coming to an end.

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12- I don't see the rhyming.

73- The "L" from FML rhymes with "well". Totally unintended. Just puttin that out there

Well at least you are going to learn more about it in health class : P

I know how it feels to have anxiety, and I wouldn't have raised my hand either.

now the remaining question is, would u have a panic attack about not raising you hand?

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I can't hear this bul*sh*t!!! Are you and OP too weak to live? WTF?

79: Wow clearly someone thinks highly of themselves... And who cares if they were weak? Some people have different traits just because you have anxiety doesn't make you weak anyway. And who are you to say you're strong? Some cool guy you are talking in behind your computer. Maybe you should think before you post, don't read what you "can't stand" or just shut up.

Panic attacks are horrible, sorry OP... :(

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she should have asked who doesn't feel anxious

Just say you were giving an example of what could happen if u got really anxious

perdix 29

You're too suggestible. I'd hate to be sitting near you when your health class rolls around to the topic of STDs. Your itching and burning urination will make you an unpleasant neighbor.

How do you know the video had anything to do with it? maybe OP had anxiety all along and they just happened to watch a movie about it recently. still your comment made me laugh

sometimes on this site it's hard to tell...

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It's Perdix... You should just know that he's using sarcasm.