By jeezy - 23/02/2009 10:35 - Canada

Today, I was working my shift and my ex girlfriend came in to apply for a job. She broke up with me for another guy so i can't stand being in the same room as her. The manager talked to her and decided to hire her on the spot. I need to train her. FML
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train her to do everything wrong .. =)

you know you can talk to your manager and explain that it is not comfortable for you. a good manager will understand. if not i guess you can always get a new job?


you know you can talk to your manager and explain that it is not comfortable for you. a good manager will understand. if not i guess you can always get a new job?

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Well, the only thing I can say is: be professional about it. Let her see her loss.

train her to do everything wrong .. =)

and get fired for negligence real smart idea there. just suck it up and do your job

I totally understand your pain. I'm currently working with my ex-gf in a project, well I was the only one working on that project and I was doing that for her ..., not anymore. She told me that she loved me and that we were going to start a family (serious stuff), but after we had a intense fight, she started dating a different guy 4 days after I left. Then later she called another one ... pure flirt and she got a dinner out of it. Later during the week, I came and visit my friend, I had to go to her house cuz my friend was there and a salesman came to her house and she started hitting on him. She gave her number .... The main is point is " no more favors for someone who treated you like trash" treat her like a co-worker. You dont have to be friendly. Work is work. Do not talk to her.

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was the manager the 'other guy' ....?? lol

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just train her wrong wait until she messes up huge and then no more her at work.

or op gets fired for purposefully doing his job wrong. op shouldnt ruin himself over this

This is the problem with alot of FMLs. Most of them wouldn't be if people acted rationally. Go to you boss and explain it. Say you had a semi bitter breakup and if he/she could, have someone else train her. If they're decent and you're a good worker, they would probably help you out. If not, just train her right. You already told your boss you don't like her so if you **** with her training, they'll know. Most likely if she want's a job where you work, she either wants you back or want's to make your life a living hell. If it's the last one, could you give her my number? Thanks. -Bauer

@14 ... not necessarily... I had to apply to a place my ex worked (same sitch, I left him for another guy BUT he'd been neglecting me severely. it was messy.) Anyway, I didn't want to apply there, but in this economy, you take what you can get. I'd worked there before and they were hiring. I ended up turning the job down though after my ex began sending me nasty emails about working with him because I must want him back and etc. It sucked.

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I know how it feels - my ex dumps me for another guy and she joins the same place I work. And she even brings him along sometimes. All this in less than a month after she cheated on me and broke up. It's tough. Really tough. I have to see her face every day and it hurts so bad.