By help me! - 02/10/2010 14:26 - United Kingdom

Today, the girl my ex-boyfriend cheated on me with had a job interview at my place of work. If she gets the job, she'll be my manager. FML
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I'm sorry. that's really gotta suck. I worked with a guy my wife cheated on me with. very ackward.


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Dat sucksss, maybe you should try finding another job :-/

hopefully the ho doesn't get the management position

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Dude that sucks!!!


It doesn't matter, he is your ex. Grow up and move on.

deal with it, ho.

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I agree with 36. Get over it!

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36 your wrong it's NOT her ex-boyfriend

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ydi for being "the other woman"

If you were a mouse that wouldn't happen.

I dunno bro, when I was little my mother's cousin Gwen ran away with a stoat. The shame is brought on the family.

The shame. :(

61- the OP isn't the other woman. the girl who would be her manager if hired is the other woman. but to the OP, talk to your current manager and ask politely if you could be transferred to another department. or section of your job. this isn't good for you because if she gets hired she'll have authority over your job. she may be unprofessional and turture you and overwork you just for the heck of it. not fair to you. at all. seeing as you don't get a say so as who gets hired and who doesn't, just explain. or if you can't transfer let your boss know in advance to avoid any conflict. don't quit. that just screams that you're still affected.

this is a golden opportunity for revenge OP! If she gets it claim sexual harassment... plant drugs in her office and call the cops... key her car... pee in her coffee... The options are endless!

copypaste post, post copypaste

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lol damn :0 I read it wrong

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59, it says it's her ex-bf

you know, just because no one dated you you dont have to be a fucking ass hole to other people this woman got fucking cheated on , you ass get a life or fucking get rid of your internet!

I'm sorry. that's really gotta suck. I worked with a guy my wife cheated on me with. very ackward.

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"Ex-Wife" Good call, my friend... Good call.

I hope she's your exwife now...

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that's kinda what he meant when he added Ex-wife at the end... which was then reinforced by my approving comment of it... I fail to see how you could have possibly missed the point in all honesty.

wow that really sucks

can anyone say savatage?? maybe time to get a raise

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That sucks.... But hopefully you will be able to MANAGE working with him.

Yeah, I noticed that right after I posted. Oh well.

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Appreciate the wordplay, jackass.

If she does get the job that would be very awkward. But if she does get the job just respect her and be nice to her. You might turn out to be good friends. Chances are you probably weren't going to marry your ex-boyfriend anyways.

That's exactly what I thought! : ) OP, becoming friends with your soon-to-be manager could potentially save your job! It's up to you to decide whether that's more important than your feelings or not.

Yeah, let us know how it turns out, OP. I'll be looking forward to that FML

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if she gets the job, I'd suggest removing yourself from your current job top prevent any, 'accidents'

talk bad about her infront of your boss and he wont hire her!!!!

This could backfire in several big ways. For example, if the higher-ups really want to hire the "other woman" (hereafter referred to as OW), they could simply fire OP to prevent any drama. Or, if OW does get hired and conflicts arise, the higher-ups will be aware that OP didn't like the her from the start, possibly leading them to giving OW the benefit of the doubt, rather than OP. All OW has to say is "I didn't know he wasn't single" and she's off the hook, whereas OP looks like a passive-aggressive, vindictive bitch, and thus the likely cause of the conflict.

true but if she gets the job and there is problems op will be fired for it anyway because the other girl has a higher position

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that really sucks, I hope she doesn't get it!

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14- cute display pic(:

love your picture!!

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thanks :)

That really sucks. Fuck your life indeed