By JoshWontonDo - United Kingdom - London
Today, I tried to charge my phone at school by removing the socket for the fan. All the computers in the room turned off. I accidentally removed the power cables for the computers and got suspended. FML
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By  Mauskau  |  35

Really, you shouldn't have your phone at school nor should you be trying to charge it during school time. Unplugging cables without knowing what they are for is always going to be a disaster.

  SilverInGray  |  25

When I was in high school, which was a few years ago, we were allowed to have our phones and use them at certain times, and most teachers let us charge them. They might have similar rules. And if not, it's really not deserving of a suspension anyway.

  JayGatsby  |  25

Actually, I am currently in high school and I bring my phone to school because I usually need to walk home, therefore I need plenty of charge for safety reasons. I can't keep my phone in my locker because phones are commonly stolen from lockers. Also I have to drive with a friend to take additional courses at another school. As you can probably assume, driving with teenagers isn't exactly the safest and my parents can't give me a ride, which is why I again need my phone for safety reasons. So, yes, it can be very reasonable for a teenager to bring their phone to school.

  wow2mylife  |  25

It maditory at my district grades 6-12 so we can do "class room activities" on them and now they are asking parents to get data on them so it don't slow down laptops

  why57why  |  21

That's pretty cool dude my school just got Google chrome books for everyone for school stuff the only problem is that they're tiny but we do use it for school a lot but you can do a lot of stuff with it for fun like youtube Netflix and flash games


Judging by the fact that OP removed the power cables for computers, I'm assuming they were in a computer lab or something like that. Computers can do everything that phones can do and more, except text and call. If it was school related the OP could have used a computer. So whatever OP was doing wasn't so important that they had to unplug all the computers.

Probably texting.

By  Tripartita  |  44

"Students, today an anonymous hacker managed to take down part of our system. Because of this, there will be scheduled down times to scan the network for residual insecurities."
"Didn't one kid unplu—"

By  redscarf_fml  |  8

I never understood how all my classmates always needed to charge their phones during school. Do you just not charge it overnight or are you actually on it all day during school?

By  MenacingMe  |  17

I, too, spend my afternoons in a computer lab unplugging entire collections of cables so I can send my friend that hilarious meme. Have a little common sense, man. If the cable is thick and difficult to remove, it probably doesn't belong to a table fan. I think, for your own safety (and stupidity), suspension was the best route.