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By Anonymous - 02/04/2020 05:00 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of 3 years threatened to break up with me because when she came by my work, she saw me talking to another girl. The girl was a trainee. I'm the boss of the company, so it's my responsibility to train new people. FML
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Get out now. She sounds mad crazy dude. Can’t even SPEAK to another female? Jeez


Get out now. She sounds mad crazy dude. Can’t even SPEAK to another female? Jeez

and you tolerate this behavior why? if you haven't put a ring on it yet you're really not that interested in marrying her. stop wasting your time with jealous toxic bullshit

Were your pants on? We all know what "training the new girl" is code for. ;)

Marcella1016 31

I completely agree with all the other comments that this could be a red flag. BUT we also must consider that OP could be someone who flirts, and THAT is what his GF had a problem with. We are hearing his side of the story. Sure, he was training her, but there is also the possibility that he was getting a little cozy. I dealt with this personally with an emotionally abusive ex who used to flirt in front of me ALL THE TIME and give me a BS “I’m just talking and making friends because I just moved here” line. Thankfully I grew some self esteem and eventually moved on to someone who actually respects me. TL;DR: 2 sides to every story. GF could be crazy, OP could be a sexuality-oozing flirt (giggity?), could be a bit of both. Take solace in knowing that we will never know.

julfunky 29

We don’t need to “take solace” because we are in no way affected by this. And we don’t need to consider both sides to an anonymous story. Unless it sounds made up you take it at face value, not find a million other explanations.

Just got out of an abusive toxic relationship myself, been there and can only advise you to leave her now. Right now before it gets worse, you could try explaining to her about how hard it will be to go thru life without interacting with females but i cant see her understanding that part...

Sounds like you need to get a new girlfriend

Amtrying 4

That's a huge red flag. You definitely need to have a talk with her at minimum. If she has no reason to mistrust you she's probably the one cheating.

lifeis4me 20

Either your girlfriend is stupid or she’s just looking for an easy way to break up with you