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Today, a woman was staring at me. This went on for about five minutes until I couldn't take it anymore. I screamed at her to cut it out. It turns out she had a lazy eye. FML
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Did the ground swallow you and your paranoia up?

I don't really think he was paranoid, since she was technically staring at her, I think OP was just becoming agitated because she was staring at her.

OP must be a hermaphrodite then cause you just went from he to her

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You really didn't have to scream at her. You could have asked nicely.

38- A hermaphrodite does not mean that they are both male and female. It just means that they have both male and female genitalia.

Uhh correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure your genitalia determine whether your male or female...

^^ Yes, but not in the case of a hermaphrodite is it just which genitalia they have because only one of them will work. Meaning whichever form, male or female, of genitalia they have is what determines their actual sex.

Technically she was staring at you, but not intentionally.

Sounds like someone is a little too knowledgeable on the subject *cough 63*. Freakin weird people and their weird ass fetishes.

91- having knowledge about a subject doesn't make it a 'fetish'... Or that'd be sick in a coroners case! But on the topic of fetishes.... Futa rocks. :)

Well to me, if a woman has a penis, even if it doesn't work, I will consider them a man. I don't know how we got on the subject of the gender of hermaphrodites though so I'm gonna drop it now. ****** boob penis wieners

38- hahah yeah, I don't know why I did that..

95 - I'm thumbing you up for having the balls to say what I didn't. Not gonna lie, I got a good chuckle out of it.

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Well #63 actually there's 3 known people in the world where BOTH parts actually fully functioning. They had one on Dr.Drew's life changers..

If I had both a penis and a ****** I would take masturbating to a whole new lev.. Um.. I.. I mean... Hermaphrodite? Gross..

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Well how would you know if she was staring at you? I'll tell you and save you the trouble because you obviously must of been staring right back at her

Wouldn't you be paranoid? Someone staring at you for 5 whole minutes? I would be creeped out...

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I don't blame you OP. but you could have handled it better, rather than screaming at the lady.

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35: I think you're going to have to look up to the definition of nosy, because what OP did definitely isn't what nosy means...

It's not paranoia if you're really being watched.

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I woulda just started making funny faces.

I would have moved left and right to see if her lazy eye followed me.

51, I was being sarcastic due to the fact that my picture is a nose... Geez everyone takes everything sooo seriously.

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That awkward moment when...

66: I didn't know it was fact time! Well here's another fact: You're a douchebag. Telling her she has metal in her mouth is like telling a midget he's short. Pointing out the obvious. So next time, keep it to yourself.

Bevsta - Do you feel like a badass making fun of a 14-year old girl's braces? Makes you feel big and bad, does it? Asshole.

Personally I think braces look hot on some girls.

Doc- How come I said the same thing you did, but I get thumbed down and you get thumbed up? Is it because you're DocBastard, or are people on FML THAT fickle?

Hitdude - I have no idea. Maybe they liked my phrasing more? Maybe they agree with my assessment that he's an asshole, rather than yours that he's a douchebag?

What I don't get is; while #3 has braces to make her teeth straight and perfect, bevsta's mouth probably contains rotten apple cores he calls teeth

I can't believe this many fights came out of one comment. •_•

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Ouch. Okay yeah, my comment completely failed. Oh well, at least I didn't make an arrow in the knee joke.

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Who ate all the pecan sandies?

Kypopz 9

Hahaha. I went ahead and thumbed my own comment down.

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Kypopz just stop. It's getting embarassing.

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Funny momment I have braces to it don't bother me but she deserved it x

YDI and you didn't because u weren't supposed to know she had a lazy eye but you should never scream at people.

Your comment makes zero sense. 'Tis all.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

It makes perfect sense to me. If OP was creeped out by the woman's staring, they should've asked her 'Can I help you?' or just ignored her. The lazy eye is really a minor detail. Screaming at people for looking at you funny is rude and immature. Thus, OP deserves it.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Edit: I just realized 4's comment is indeed awkwardly worded, though I still got the message. My bad.

Well, way to be a bully OP. She was just standing there.

I don't think you know what a bully is... OP thought this lady was starring at her/him so s/he got creeped out and told the lady to stop! How is that bullying? I hate it when people abuse that word.

77- Oh watch out, we're dealing with a badass over here!

You would get annoyed if you thought someone was staring at you to. It's rude to stare.

Sarcasm... Duh. To think people think they have a sense of humor this days.

100- it's also rude to 'scream' at someone for being a bit awkward. OP must have anger issues.

110- "To think people think they have a sense of humor this days." What the **** are trying to say?!? Spit it out! Was it; **"To think people have a sense of humor these days?"**

62, You have an odd idea of what "told" means. Yelling at someone for looking at you isn't "telling" them something, its being a jackass. 100, Yes, but I wouldn't yell at someone like that because of where their eyes are focused. If they were daydreaming and happened to be looking in my direction I'd still feel like a total dick for yelling at them over nothing. I don't understand how anyone has sympathy for this idiot. They screamed at someone because of where their eyes were focused, they aren't worthy of sympathy.

110- Oh Yeah, what was I thinking! You're totally right, bullying is so funny!

138- Yeah, OP did sort of overreact. But i do understand that it freaked him/her out.

Epsilonyx 15

Do you do this when babies stare at you?

I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say no, most likely not.

I do, babies piss me off. They're like midgets that shit themselves every 10mins

Next time, check that both eyes are looking in the same direction?

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Way to show her OP, I know if someone was staring at me for that long I'd scream at 'em.

Please tell me you were being sarcastic, if not you're a dick.

Jakesterk96 8

Sorry, I forgot to put my sarcastic font on.*click*

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Is it lazy, or honestly not able to live up to its full potential? Maybe the eye tries to see, but it couldn't ever figure it out, and it's parents called it dumb and incompetent, when really and truly it was giving its best effort. You should think twice before calling an eye lazy...

challan 19

I meant OP for making fun of the.. **** it never mind

I meant OP for makin fun of the.. Oh **** it never mind