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Today, I got accepted to the North America Scholar Consortium as a Member of the Highest Honor, which I had applied for a few weeks ago. Happy to be able to add something good to my resume, I called my mom excitedly, and then Googled it to ascertain the level of prestige. Turns out it's a scam. FML
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OK, I'm the OP, let me explain why I fell for it: -I had very recently received invitations to join two legit honor societies (one I was just inducted to tonight at a formal ceremony at my school, the other has regular meetings and community service projects) -Believe it or not, I do actually have a 4.0 GPA as a junior and miscellaneous other qualifications, so being "accepted" to this honor society didn't seem to be a stretch or anything -As I'm ridiculously busy right now, I didn't Google it first or even look too deeply at their website, I just quickly completed the "application" (you go on their website, apply, and then wait to hear from them) which was free Once I actually got the "acceptance" I called my mom and told her about it. I got off the phone with her and Googled it to get more info about it (I'd never heard of it) and discovered it was a scam. I'm glad I did so because their "initiation fee" was 68 bucks, and I hadn't given them credit card info or anything yet. Obviously I felt stupid; I called my mom back a second later and told her. I'm just glad I didn't COMPLETELY fall for it... lol. I should have taken more time at the start, but #22 is right; I'm just lucky I didn't lose 68. I lost 10 minutes of time and a chunk of my pride. :P I was also pretty pissed/disappointed, but it's OK; I'm in two ACTUAL honor societies, so whatever... I don't need a fake one. ;)

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why didnt you google it BEFORE you applied?

It doesn't even sound real. YDI for not researching what you were applying for.


YDI... how could you fall for something like that?

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he's right any thing with the word consortium HAS to be a scam =P

when I grow up I wanna go to bovine university :)

why didnt you google it BEFORE you applied?

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I was thinking the same thing

If you applied for it you deserve to get scammed.

It doesn't even sound real. YDI for not researching what you were applying for.

You could still put it on your resume. Nobody wants honest people anyway.

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Their website is full of spelling and grammar errors. Hah. Nice academic society.

Put it on your resume anyway - it sounds pretty good to me. big deal. unless you spent heaps on the application.

"AlmostScammedOutOf68Bucks" implies that you didn't actually lose anything. So why is this an FML?

#9, getting excited then getting let down. I know it's not a FML really, but still sad. Either way, put it on your resume and play dumb and hope they are too.