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Today, whilst working at the supermarket, a man came through my checkout who couldn't open the plastic bags. I thought it would be a laugh to make fun of him because of it, saying "Come on! What's wrong with you?". Turns out he has arthritis. And Parkinson's Disease. He left, more than angry. FML
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Ok. I've tried explaining why I did what I did, but I'm still getting the death threats and a lot of the word '****' being used to show your disdain. I would like to tell you what really happened, not because I want you on my side or I'm trying to defend what I did. I just want you to see that what happened was based on simple stupidity and not because I'm the spawn of satan. So here's you some of the stuff you've all assumed that I would like to put right: - 1. This man was not at all elderly. He must have been 45-50 years old. You don't have to be elderly to have Parkinson's Disease. See Michael J. Fox for proof of that. 2. I offered to pack for him before he started struggling himself. He was alone, so I felt I should help him. He declined. That's why I thought he could do it himself. 3. I had no idea he was suffering from arthritis or Parkinson's Disease. I'd never met him before. He was struggling to open the bags, like myself and most people do, and so I made the very stupid comment based on that. 4. No, I didn't notice the shaking associated with Parkinson's Disease. I know that people think Cashier's are all idiots, wasters and the job is really easy, but you do have to focus on the screen in front of you to check the identity and the price of the item is correct. Therefore, I was barely focusing on his movements or his mannerisms. I was just doing what I'm paid to do. 5. As soon as he told me what was wrong, and I then focused on him properly, I then noticed he had a mild tremor in his hands. 6. I immediately apologised for what I said, feeling terrible. I then opened all the bags for him and offered to pack. He declined because, like you, he thought I had made fun of him because of his disability. I tried to explain, but he didn't want to hear. 7. If I knew he was struggling because he had a medical reason for not being able to open the bags, I would never had said it and would have made him let me pack. I would hate it if I saw someone who clearly had a disability not being able to do something and I'm just standing there ignoring it - That IS evil. 8. He left angry and hurt. I was left feeling horrible and guilty for being so stupid. 9. I wanted to post the FML not to get sympathy. As I said, I felt terrbile for upsetting him, and I just wanted to get it off my chest. I wanted to show people how much of an ass I'd been that day. 10. FML is all about bad things that have happened to you or that you have done. I felt that my stupidity for saying that to a man I didn't know was an FML moment. In retrospect, I realise that the way I worded the FML sounds like I was being cruel. I can understand why you are all upset. But to say I deserve to die or have all this offensive language thrown in my direction was ok? You know nothing about me. To assume that I always behave like this, that I'm this evil, vindictive bastard, based on one stupid comment... Well, I really don't know. Furthermore, why would I post this as an FML moment if I enjoy being horrible to people? It's because I hate myself for being so stupid that I posted this. Again, I really am sorry if I offended anyone. The last thing I wanted was all of this, so I just hope this post will clears it all up.

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I used to work as a cashier.. I doubt I would have seen the humour in a struggling customer.. If I did, I wouldn't have announced it.. I actually, wanted to keep my job..

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I don't even think this one is serious. Is anyone actually that stupid?

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Yep, he's just an ignorant ass! He should be fired.

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I worked as a cashier for a while at VONS, who is very proactive in terms of hiring employees who have disabilities. I remember there was this one kid who worked there who looked like a burn victim, but he didn't seem to have any physical deformities except for discoloration. On my very last day of work a guy came in who was having what looked like a continuous spasm, and was knocking over stuff trying to buy juice. When he asked the burn victim kid for help, he laughed at him. Then the guy finally brings his juice up and throws his money on the counter, and I can hardly keep from cracking up, the guy seemed like he was trippin on some crazy drugs or something. He started talking to me and for the first couple minutes I couldn't understand him at all, so I just nodded and said mmhmm and such, but eventually I figured out what he was saying. He told me he had a degenerative disease that caused him to gradually lose control of his muscles. He had lost his job, his wife had divorced him, and his kids wouldn't talk to him anymore. At first, I had almost laughed at him, but by the end of his 10 minute purchase I was holding back tears.

hey 153 he probably had ms or something fhl

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wow ur nice LOL get a life and be nice X(

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Why is he a dick? He wanted to have a laugh. It's not like he can recognize illnesses right away?

Not to defend the OP - I still think he's a dick - but one doesn't have to be elderly to have arthritis or Parkinson's.

@#43; Parkinson's and arthritis are both degenerative diseases with obvious symptoms, which makes a sufferer easy to spot. While the average person might not be able to tell what degenerative disease a sufferer has, it's often obvious that they have one. I've had arthritis my entire life and people have never had any trouble figuring out that I have something wrong with me. I doubt their first thought is my specific disease, but they can still tell I have some sort of illness. Back on topic; In a way, I'm not upset with the OP. Sometimes people just say stupid things without thinking, and while it wasn't OK to make that comment, I'm sure BDK regrets saying it and will be more careful in the future.

you're life isn't ****** up.... you are!! what kinda of ass would do that!! what the hell is WRONG with you.... if you can't help the damn guy you should at least keep your mouth shut!

sarcasticbitch - oh, because if the guy WASN'T ill, then I suppose making fun of him would have been ok?? Idiot. The whole point is that the OP shouldn't have made fun of the customer, whether he had a disease OR NOT.

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i agree with u # 47 he was gonna laugh at someone u has disabilites and can't do somthing right he should acctually feel sorry for him becuz I know what it's like having ms or whatever he had becuz my brother has ms and he told me what it's like he also said that alot of people make fun of him and laugh

27- he shouldn't havr been laughing at someones troubles anyway, unless he knew them personally. Its called being polite.

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agreed. how the **** would it even be funny to say that to anyone in general? YDI so hard I hit the button 10 times.

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Bet you were one of those people who made fun of others in high school too.

This is true. And look where he ended up working. Bet he still lives with his parents too.

That's offensive to people like me who still manages to be too unsuccessfull to move out. Don't tier losers with him.

My question is, why is he trying to open the plastic bags? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that YOUR job?

Not sure about Bristol, but in other parts of Europe like Italy, the customer has to choose how many bags they want and then pay for them as well, then put their items into the bags. They're usually only a few cents though.

#6 and #10, in UK, you don't have to pay for plastic bags (or not where I've been.. although they do have incentives to using fewer bags, like points to give you special offers), but it is you who puts the items in the bags like #10 suggested. It is not the cashiers job. However.. doesn't make much difference because this is an obvious YDI. I mean seriously.. i could understand a little if the OP made a comment about it, but "Come on! What's wrong with you"????

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You have to pay for your bags at the grocery store?!?! That's ridiculous. Also to the are a terrible person and may want to take a long hard look at your life and try to change into a person who doesn't suck at life. Because right now you definitely do!

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In the US we have to bag our own groceries. A lot of places do it to cut down on staff. Bristol might be the same..

npk88 - some of the big department stores in Australia, like Target, make you pay for your plastic bags now. They're only 5c but it's an incentive to bring your own reuseable bags from home, rather than using plastic bags.

renaet - "cut down on staff"? In Australia, the cashier who scans your groceries bags them too. It wouldn't take much less time for them not to. In fact, I imagine getting the customer to bag their own groceries would take more time than the cashier doing it. The cashiers are fast and effective; the bags are in plastic bag racks, already sitting open, so after the cashier scans the item, they put it straight into the plastic bag. Honestly, it sounds like a waste of man-power when I hear about American stores employing an additional person just for bagging, and it sounds like a waste of time to get the customer to do it, because I'm sure they wouldn't be as effective as the cashier. Farmer Jacks/Foodworks and IGA you pack your own bags. It's mainly because of the people that complain that Cashiers don't pack their bags properly...when they have in fact been packed to training standard. They kinda figure "Pack you're own damn bags!" so maybe the OP work at one of those stores.

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I don't know where you shop, but I live in the US and have never had to bag my own things.

Clearly there's something wrong with you.

Hope you get fired and get arthritis , Didn't your mother teach you to be nice to others? YDI for being A Douch

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YDI for being a freak who likes to laugh at other people. And why is he opening the plastic bags? YDI for working at Lidl.