By soo - 02/07/2015 20:25

Today, a guest at the hotel I work at started shouting at me. Apparently the street vendor selling sunglasses outside the hotel sold her a pair of 'genuine' Ray Bans for $5. She wanted me to phone the police because she realized two days later they were fake. FML
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5$ for fake Ray bans glasses is still a good deal.

amileah13 26

Hahaha and she fell for that? Yikes! But hey, I would buy any sunglasses for $5, no matter the brand. Sunglasses are just sunglasses to me


5$ for fake Ray bans glasses is still a good deal.

I agree. (Maybe not your same opinion, but...) I have ray ban aviators my gf got me. I hate wearing them, the nose stand puts way to much pressure and becomes painful in minutes and unbearable at around 30 min and I have to take them off. If I ever want another pair I'd much rather pay $5 for a fake.

JustinJK 21

^Rayban aviators can be pretty uncomfortable. I just got my third pair. You kind of have to break them in and also make sure that the nose pads are sitting correctly. Take them into a Sunglass Hut and ask them to help you. it doesn't matter how old or if you purchased them there. Or you can move the nose pads around yourself. They're pretty durable and won't break. The newest pair I purchased have been pretty uncomfortable, but with moving around the nose pads I've had some luck with alleviating the discomfort. You can also mess around the arms behind the ears. I have to make mine less curved around ear and more straightened out otherwise they're too tight on my face and put pressure on my nose :( The first pair I got in high school and second pair last year don't cause me any suffering :)

amileah13 26

Hahaha and she fell for that? Yikes! But hey, I would buy any sunglasses for $5, no matter the brand. Sunglasses are just sunglasses to me

It´s not really a good idea to buy any cheap sunglasses: they often will be poor quality and won't protect your eyes from the sun.

amileah13 26

Well I would definitely make sure it had uv protection before purchasing. Just because it's a dark shade, doesn't mean it'll protect your eyes! So I gotcha :)

JustinJK 21

I work at a Sunglass Hut. I'm not biased towards name brand sunglasses, but a lot of cheap-os suck. You have to make sure that they're 100% UV protected and I personally prefer polarized. I have some good cheap ones that I bring with me to vacation, amusement parks, etc. It's always nice to have 1 good pair of sunglasses. A lot of the more expensive brands have patented technologies that are useful to different people for different reasons. Like sport Oakleys stick to your face the more you sweat and women's Oakleys have no-snag nose pieces for when you put them in your hair. A lot of Raybans have G15/B15 lenses which absorb 85% of sunlight. Maui Jims have PolarizedPlus2Lenses which are supposed to eliminate glare and enhance colors. Persols use crystal glass lenses. etc.

amileah13 26

Yeah, I work for an optometrists office and have a good pair of sunglasses that are polarized. Before I ended up getting stuck with wearing glasses, the cheapos worked for me, but since I've needed a prescription for all time wear and now that I know the ins and outs for glasses/sunglasses, if I were to buy a cheap pair for when I wear my contacts (my polarized glasses already have my rx in it) then I make sure it's at least a good and safe pair before purchasing. Sometimes I've noticed the $5 pair lasts longer than the $100+ I'll spend on a frame and its specialized lenses. Thanks for the tip though! I should look into the oakleys, we don't get them too often at our office.

First, she got what she paid for. Second, why couldn't she call themselves?

*herself. Please reread your comment to see how smart you sound.

While chagrined that I had failed to edit out the last of the ambiguous pronouns I originally used, it was too late to go through a second time to fix my mistake. I found it best to let it be and move on, but your predilection for correcting ones mistakes and attempting to shame the errant poster has forced me into pointing out the vapidity of your grammar shaming.

How's that for sounding smart, asshat?

Wow, that's just ridiculous. She should know how much Ray Bans cost. And the fact that it took her two days to realize they were fake...

giantsfan2010 23

Even if they were real, $5 for Ray bans would have meant they were probably stolen. And it's illegal to buy stolen items.

Somehow I don't think she would have been able to figure out they were stolen anyways

She would of, 2 days later..

But... They were five dollars...

What is she mad about? I feel lucky to find shitty gas station sunglasses at $5 or less

What the hell is wrong with that lady?

Eh they look the same anyway really.