By robbedonCTA - / Tuesday 22 September 2009 06:20 / United States
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  Reyo  |  2

Look on the bright side. You now know what he looks like and can give a description to the campus police.
Chances are he's a student there.


Who the fuck keeps their wallet in plain sight and sticking out of a backpack? That's just asking for someone to steal it..

And isn't that whole "he went that-a-way!" trick common in old Bugs Bunny cartoons?


Word for word what I was going to say.

I didn't know anyone actually kept anything important and theft-worthy anywhere but mashed against their person, and in such a way that it would be painfully obvious if someone tried to remove it.

  Ichigoner  |  0

Well...the other way could be true too.

Today, I felt a tug on my backpack and found my wallet missing. A nice stranger pointed to a guy running down the stairs and said "There goes the guy who took your wallet!" I didn't believe him and searched him for my wallet. He didn't have it. FML

By  moonlight_daze  |  8

So you were robbed on the CTA, huh? Well, YDI for riding on the CTA instead of staying home on your computer.. Actually, what the hell, YDI for living here in Chicago. Try living out by the cornfields downstate instead.

By  stizzuh  |  0

YDI. someone able to take your wallet out in one tug? lol. and the fact that you would make it visible in your backpack. definitely YDI but probably fake.

By  Cristaderzi  |  0

When will they learn?!
While in the city NO PURSES FOR WOMEN. NO JEWELRY, And guys keep your wallets in your crotch,,,
Fyl And yet ydi for no common sense
ps lock laptops to the cafe tables as well to stop snatch n grabs...

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