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Stand on your head. Jump up and down. Burp. Drink Ginger Ale. Hold your breath. Get scared. Drink water. Juggle. Yell. Breathe through your mouth. ...and by the time you've read through all of these stupid, inane remedies, you would've forgotten to hiccup. You're welcome.


I just put some water in my mouth and keep the water in my mouth and hold my breath as long as I can then drink the water right after.


I always would hold my breathe for 10 seconds, drink a cup of water while my face is turned upwards, and finish it off by saying white horse. It seems to always work.


This is worse than annoying. Hiccups with broken ribs is downright painful. It's worse if you happen to be trying to sleep.


The hiccups may actually be an involuntary reaction to the broken ribs, so it's like some nasty, negative feedback loop.

Hopefully they gave you some sort of pain medication for those ribs. Maybe that'll take the edge from the hiccups off? Sorry for you luck OP.


My friend broke his ribs playing rugby (hairline fracture) and he got pain medicine (he was trying to rub it in my face). So I would think op would have some, if not, and op doesn't play a sport that drug tests he/she could probably just smoke some weed (that usually gets rid of mine).

Sip water in little gulps often, I find that usually helps me... I would say get someone to scare you... Not sure if that's feasible?

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I get hiccups that won't go away no matter what I try. Just relaxing your whole body, and trying to ignore the pain might make them go away faster.

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