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  pinky0090  |  0

I believe it is the one where Stewie is driving after being really drunk with Brian and they run into the house. But I'm sure that there have been many cars in the Griffin's family room haha. But OP, FYL for sure. That sucksssssss. Hopefully he didn't destroy anything that insurance won't cover.

  Brolin  |  4

Umm well that one was where brian and stewie were drunk and stewie got the keys from brian and they drive into the bar. And stewie is like we were all WHOOOOA and stuff

  blargity  |  0

#28 i think he meant its fake because they thought it was an earthquake AND sounded like a car driving into his living room so i wouldn't be very surprised if this is fake

  quappapo  |  0

Actually it was the episode where brian admitted he was an atheist and the town found out and peter said something about the ten commandments and then a car went through their house

  Sycops  |  0

Doesn't this happen all the time? I mean I get a car visiting my family room on a weekly basis...jk

But seriously, I hope you are ok and your house gets fixed.

  Kazze  |  31

It happens all the time. Yesterday, not too far from where I live, a van took out almost the entire kitchen of a house. I doubt this is fake.