By Jaybird1587 - United States
Today, I was just about to get in the shower, when I heard a loud crunch. I thought to myself, boy the neighbours next door must be doing some heavy construction. Two seconds after that thought, my brother knocked on the door to inform me that the neighbours tree had just fallen on my car. FML
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  boysxrulex09  |  0

YDI for polluting the environment and having a car. the environment was probably trying to say something to you by smashing you car with a tree. the fact that your car was hit by a TREE is definitely a sign that you should get off your lazy BUM and start walking, you fatty. Also, please stop polluting our environment

  The_Disturbed  |  5

@#6 seriously? What insurance company were they using? One endorsed by the local church? "Act of God"...what a load of bullshit.

@OP Ouch. Hope your insurance pays/paid for it. FYL

  SilverXeno  |  0

Either your friend is a total idiot, or was lying...cuz every insurance company I can think of has a clause for "natural" disaster, including what USED to be called an "act of God" (the verbage is now changed for PC reasons). On the other hand...the only way a car is covered is if it carries comp. Hope you've got a low deductible, OP!