By Jaybird1587 / Monday 3 August 2009 12:43 / United States
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  boysxrulex09  |  0

YDI for polluting the environment and having a car. the environment was probably trying to say something to you by smashing you car with a tree. the fact that your car was hit by a TREE is definitely a sign that you should get off your lazy BUM and start walking, you fatty. Also, please stop polluting our environment

  The_Disturbed  |  5

@#6 seriously? What insurance company were they using? One endorsed by the local church? "Act of God"...what a load of bullshit.

@OP Ouch. Hope your insurance pays/paid for it. FYL

  SilverXeno  |  0

Either your friend is a total idiot, or was lying...cuz every insurance company I can think of has a clause for "natural" disaster, including what USED to be called an "act of God" (the verbage is now changed for PC reasons). On the other hand...the only way a car is covered is if it carries comp. Hope you've got a low deductible, OP!

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