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Today, I was watching TV when a Dentyne gum commercial came on and stated that the average person spends more than 20,000 minutes kissing. I've spent less than three. FML
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10-that is right about...a *****. you're too young.


i said the advertising was a lie, and my comment is moderated? WTF?

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not that bad, I have spent like 75 min, accounting for the long sessions. I'm still in high school though.

I've spent about 9 movies, 6 football games, and erm.. 1 night.. how long is that? i'm 14 >.>

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it could be worse. you couldve been attacked by a giant talking acorn

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10-that is right about...a *****. you're too young.

that's for your whole lifetime unless your already 60 years old...

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same for me, than again I'm only in high school still...

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I've spent an hour and 40 minutes, in a closet. ;D Not meaning to rub it in. Sorry OP.

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the average person isn't 60 @34.

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10 that's not really anything to brag about

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I think the commercial meant that you only get kissed that much if you buy their gum.

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I don't keep count. That just seems dumb to me. How about quality over quantity...or amount of clothes worn?

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46, it meant their gum is for all the other minutes or something and don't worry OP, being average is no fun anyway :p

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Omfg you look like a wannabe Justin bieber. FAIL

10 do you think that was supposed to impress us? If that was true, which I highly doubt it is, that's pretty sad

calm down 43 it could be true I know lots if people around 14 have had sex the way tv and music and everything is based on sex kids will have sex at 6 soon

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speaking of tv, I saw the movie Ghost for the first time today.

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maybe op isn't a loser and they just spend time doing other stuff than kissing ;D

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90- You're giving OP too much credit.

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9: I can't help but call your comment an opening in trying to look cool..

80% of statistics are made on the spot. - This statistic is part of the other 20%.

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Let me think...oh that's right, I spent 0 minutes kissing unless being kissed on the cheek by a guy who kissed every girl on the playground in 1st grade. I'm 14 btw.

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you actually believe a gum commercial? you know that they most likely are lying just to sell their product right? YDI for letting a gum commercial get to you loser.


#34-The average human age where they hit 20,000 minutes of kissing is around 70 years old!...Not 60 years old!

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become a pornstar and that problem will be fixed

I've spent 0. So don't worry about it.

I LOVE THAT COMMERCIAL!!!! lol And that gum tastes gooooood(: haha

I've got 0 yet I ain't posting and FMLs about it...

**** off, I'm 13 and i've done more than that, dontoffend me, just cause I get tons of chicks isn't my fault

*sigh* you kids... kids kids kids... kissing is ok, but that's all. I personally find the fact that people losing their virginity right when they hit puberty very disturbing. and I'm 15. I've spent plenty of time kissing but that's gonna be it for a while. ********** when you feel the urge, and SHUT UP.

haha ur not a ***** if it was with your bf/gf , like I have don't the same thing but never with a stranger seems normal to me , but I dated my ex for 2 years

And seems way too young to be spending the night at someone's house like that.

158, so you're saying that if a 13-year-old had sex with their boyfriend every day, then they WOULDN'T be a "*****"? The "it's okay if it's monogamous" excuse doesn't justify their behavior.

I'm 15 and I havnt kissed anyone but my first kiss and we broke up like 2 years ago. Dont feel bad. You gotta wait for the right person :}

to #10. that equals about.. the title of a *****.

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for all we know she could be a junior,or maybe like 18 to 19,so don't call people ****** a ***** is someone who has sex for money,look it up and get your facts straight.

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166 why is the girl the only "*****" in your eyes and not the guy

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179 the guy would not be a "*****"... he'd be a "MAN *****" duh lol:)

Your life isn't over yet, you have plenty of time to make up for it. That stat is fake anyway.

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since when does kissing make u a *****. for all u know it cld of been with the same guy. anyway i still dont know why u were bragging about that 10

in a life time idiot listen to the whole commercial

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Wow all you people should really get a life! So the kid (@10) knows how long she's been dating her boyfriend and how often they have made out (kissed)... That's just cute! You bunch of retards, get the **** off, if anyone IS a ***** it probably is the person who is willing to date your bitch ass.

184 - Google it. The product is spelled Dentyne.

I'm 15 and haven't had my first kiss yet. And I'm not ugly. I've had guys ask to make out with me before, but I'm waiting to make my first kiss something special and memorable. A lot of my friends are already having sex and it really bugs me. I'm not saying that sex before marriage, etc. is such a bad thing but I think that 15 is way too young. And half of the girls are doing it with guys who they don't even like just so that they can say that they're not virgins anymore. As for me, I'm waiting for the right guy and the right moment :)

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84, WTF! That's a serious classic! Can't believe it's your first time. Wow.. Did you love it?? I know I did!

in their lifetime fuckhead not in 1year seriously...

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Anyone else get a pedo-vibe off 218's comment? OP 20,000 min is roughly 14 days! unless ur over 40 this is NOT an FML.

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47-fyl u look like bieber...I'm so sorry lmao

#177 Those are prostitutes, you get your facts straight

10 never said it was with the same guy or that any were her boyfriend. also she implied she has had sex. at my school she would have a great rep. she is that ***** the guys go too when they need a confidence boost.

#47 do you have a facebook myspace or Twitter?

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sxydinosaur you sound like a *****

ur also a twat waffle #10 and no one cares about what you do to yourself while watching Hanna Montana Movies. you want a cookie or something. fail

wow ok 43 is a duckin jerk she always makes shitty annoying comments like that I wish I could kill this bitch

actually for all of you assholes, I am a virgin, and it's all between 2 guys. I'm not a ****, or a *****. so **** you all <3

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my first kiss was in a closet when I was four. my sister caught us and we got in trouble XD they didn't get in trouble on the telly! anyway my girlfriend and I kiss every time we go to each others house. we play a game to see who kisses who last for quite a while considering were at each others house for 10+ hours. so unless 10 had sex I wouldn't consider them a *****

don't worry iv spent less then 0 (ya my love life is so sad iv kissed LESS then 0) lol then again I'm only 14 (still kinda sad though)

#219 why are you even here? youre 12! you probably dont even get half the FML's here.

#129 what are you doing here? youre 12! you probably dont even get half the FML's here...

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your not gonna make 20,000 minutes off random people, it's probably when you get married you make like 19,000 of those minutes. also #10 I'd hate to ask how many minutes you've spent blowing dudes cuz your obviously a *****, and to that pedophile rapist looking #218 your an idiot are you wearing karate gloves you look like a total retard

10- you just sound like a tool. sorry kid.

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that stat is complete bullshit

To be honest I've kissed one girl multiple times (I'm 14) and it's no big deal, everybody is different I thought I was missing out before I did...not really

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That 20,000 minutes is over an entire lifetime and probably doesn't differentiate between romantic and friendly kisses. So, OP, how old are you?

true and a life time is what 60 years or something like that? OP has pleanty of time to fill in those missed minutes

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33: Where did you get your education? Or are they counting early deaths toward the average now? Is this counting smoking/drug history? I heard it was 75 average, with more for a max. OP: FYL.

well smart ass, if you mean by 'this country' you mean america, im not american. and not to mention im not an expert on old people so i dont pop up in the morning and go "wow the average life span of a normal american is 75 years of age.. hmm"

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117, she put a question mark after her statement to show that she was a bit unsure.

Don't worry I'm 16 and I've spent 0 minutes kissing, and I'm a multitalented musician who people think is retarded and ugly. FML

I'm 14 and have spent at least a few hours...

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well i'm 16 too and I have spent 0 too it's just that there's only a few people I like and 1 is kind of wired maybe kind of gay I'm not sure and 1 my best friend loves her and she loves him and the other is just like I will never have a boyfriend slot of the people at my school are either hoes or yo have to be rich to date them

It works though. I'm almost done college myself. Senior, working on my senior project next go. Definitely a good thought on focusing with school. Good luck yourself afterwards!

Don't sweat it too much. I'm twenty and have spent zero minutes kissing as well. I'm okay with it though. It's not that I'm a prude, the opportunity just hasn't arisen yet. But that's okay with me. OP, relax, you'll find someone to spend lots of time kissing. It's okay.

hahaha I've spent like 10 movies, 1 party, and like soo many hours kissing..but that was with my ex that I had dated for 2 years /: since then only like a few nights, few movies and like 3 or 4 hours haha but most of it was makin out and other stuff... oh btw I'm 14

Trust me you are, 14 year olds shouldn't even be at parties or doing as you said "other stuff".

I agree with 39! Way to spread happiness throughout the world! :D

10 and 112, your a pathetic bitch that has no life and wastes her time telling her life as a 14 year old. if that even is true, your a ***** and are probably giving handjobs at age 13 and giving guys what they want now and will be used up by the time your 16 and won't know what to do with your life. so are you proud? nobody here is impressed. I'm actually quite annoyed. if I knew my daughter was doing that so long and saying it on here, I'd be embarrassed. I know that when I was that age, people were considered '*****' and 'trash'. sorry if I offended anyone, I just wanted to get my point straight.

Ill, it's just a matter of "Oh, I think I'm old enough. I can wipe my own ass. I'm old enough." Even though they really aren't. #160 - Hah. I like the way you think.

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160-calm down, stop being so judgemental, and stfu

I'll just kiss myself in the mirror for that many minutes just to feel satisfied that I've kissed

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first off i think thats bull shit haha. not trying to be mean but 14 you dont go to a party and make out for hours and hours... im 14 by the way

I'm 15 an I go to parties not to make out... but to do other stuff lol jk I don't have any friends to invite me to parties lol

160 stfu you're just jealous I get more action in a week than you do in a year.

#273 I really hope whoever you "made out with" finds out you are on here and bragging about it. i'm sure that's the kind of thing that would make guys your age reallllyyy like you. fyl 273 for thinking it's cool to brag about stuff I doubt is true to random strangers. you wouldn't feel the need to brag about it if you were secure about your own self.

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207- Wow, i'm sorry. I guess I'm not entitled to my opinion to your immature opinion on the situtation. So you were only not talking to me because I called you out on you ridiculous assumptions of some kids on here. Stop being so overdramatic.

275 - That you doubt is true? Go ahead and ask the kids I've made out with. I'm not one to lie. And, I'm actually feel very secure about myself. I lost my ex to my "best friend" and no longer talk to many of the people making me feel insecure, and am away from them, and I am feeling better than ever about myself. I'm very, very fit from cheerleading, cross country, and dance, and am told quite often that I am beautiful. So thank you, but until you get to know someone, you shouldn't make assumptions that he or she is insecure about themselves. People can say what they want, and people can do what they want to do. But no one can break me, and that's the truth.

#286 shut up and stop being such a drama queen. clearly if you were getting all that action you wouldn't have the time to sit around and waste your time here, because you're too busy with all the crazy 14-year-old shenanigans that you've been up to, right? people don't like people like you. you're cocky, and kind of a bitch, so step down off your high horse and go f*** yourself. k thanks.

it's okay OP soon youll find someone you can kiss all day . and anyways it depends on how old you are because it's for your whole lifetime

Not really a problem with not kissing a lot. Just find the right person and they will have no problem letting you... 'practice'.