By Firepants - 28/08/2010 16:04 - Canada

Today, I woke up with a burning sensation on my butt. Remembering that yesterday I was bit by a fire ant, I decided to reinspect the bite. I found ten more which itch and burn. My parents' new nickname for me is "Firebutt". FML
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haha that's bites!

that sure sucks, firebutt.


haha that's bites!

Way to be creative mom and dad o_O

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yea sure, ants

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Aww OP, I'm so sorry /: ...Firebutt (;

did you know that there is something called anti-cream and anti-burn cream too!?! use it sir and it will make the pain go away :)

Rub mayonnaise on the bites. I'm not even kidding.

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At least you have a hot ass? lol:)

Were you sitting on a fireant mound naked? fireants are a fact of life here in Florida. How could you not feel the 10+ fireants crawling on you? Your nick should be NumbButt.

Burn, baby, burn.

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you know damn well you got hemorrhoids.

26 - How would I see it? I truly am serious.

I understand. That doesn't change the fact that I wasn't joking.

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lol fail 12 anti-cream

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it's better than firecrotch; that is a much more serious disease.

33 I meant anti itch lol


I bet OP's Butt looks like #20's picture now lol

got one thing to say "goldbon it the fix for almost every itch"

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ahh good one 51 and I LOVE your picture!! and Firebutt, fyl.

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firecrotch. will you take firebutt to be your lawfully wedded wife?


"Hey baby Im no liar, You better stop drop n' roll cuz your BUTT'S ON FIRE!" Anyone get my reference? :]

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my bf calls me frostbutt cuz my butt gets really cold at night. :)

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Haha firebutt

that sure sucks, firebutt.

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hahahhahshaha firrreeebutttt

Shove salsa up their asses.

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how did they bite your butt? Did you sit on them????

Most ants have legs. Just in case you didn't know...

Yet you still call it a sensation 0.o

hahahahahaha I like ur parents lol but yeah fyl that suxs and it must hurt wen u go to the bathroom...

that sounds painfull...I'm sorry op :/

Get some of that cream that you can rub on your ass to stop the burning and itching. I forget the name...

Are you sure it's ant bites?

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this is stupid.