By Anonymous - 18/09/2014 15:38 - Taiwan - Taipei

Today, I'm so broke that I had to call in sick to work because I couldn't afford to pay my bus fare. FML
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I have to go to work to pay for school but I usually have to miss school to go to work :/


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Actually, they arent as rough as you think. Op, if you have a job and use the bus to commute to work, get a bus pass. You'll end up saving hundreds of dollars every month. And meet up with a financial planner. They can teach you how to budget and manage your expenses. Usually free, or sometimes a small fee.

The problem with that is that you need the money for the bus pass /up front/. I rode the T in Boston to work when I lived there and I had to pay every single day. Because I was working a hand-to-mouth job and when I was saving up money it was for rent. I simply couldn't afford a monthly pass on the three or four days a month they sold them.

I have to go to work to pay for school but I usually have to miss school to go to work :/

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This world is a shit place. #2 keep on keeping on

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I know that feeling all to well. It seems that all I do is work and I'm still broke.

hahahhaha I barely work and have more money than I can spend. times aren't tough. just some people are stupid and work at the first place that offers them a job.

#61 And I'm assuming mommy and daddy got you your job, like everything else they get you?

So that job as a hooker is paying off well #61?

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61-some people don't have a choice in that matter. You have no right to say people are stupid for taking a job at the first place that offers them one. You have no clue of their situation.

#61 you're being a jackass some people don't have the option of another job and actually have to work (chores for your mommy don't count) to eat and have a home. Maybe get a clue and realize that even though you may be rich doesn't mean you have to rub it into other people's faces.

I've been there, working low paying jobs to get through school. Stick in there and that determination will pay off. I can tell you, employers are much more willing to hire people who worked their way through school. I think 61 is just being a troll. I fail to believe he understands how economics work.

I suspect 61 is lying just to be cool. I bet 61 is actually smoking the crack he bought with his welfare money right now as he sits on a milk crate in his dirty studio apartment while someone is getting mugged right outside.

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Sorry to hear OP. I hope everything works out for you in the future!

Dang you should try getting a job closer

Jobs aren't always that easy to come by. I'm sure if OP could get a job walking distance that paid well he would.

Same boat can't afford the gas to get to work :-/

i dont know your income or anything, but id look into saving more money and spending less

Taking the bus to work is already saving gas money. If he can't even afford that, then I'd say he's not getting paid enough for whatever he does.

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that's some solid advice. so do you like, budget other people's finances or is it just something you do on the side?

Nah, but she did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night

I don't see why people are downvoting this comment, it's not unreasonable. Of course I don't know OPs situation exactly, but carefully budgeting out your expenses, cutting back on what you can, and saving all you can is very good advice for anyone.

I downvoted it because if OP can't afford bus fare then it's unlikely that he can afford to save. In order to save you actually need to have money left over after you've paid your necessities and since OP is clearly struggling to cover his necessities, it's unlikely he has any money left over. I'm sure that he's already budgeted as well as he can.

or op needs to learn to prioritise his money....

Well thats just the thing. You're actually NOT sure cause you don't know OP in real life. Don't say you're sure when clearly your not, and your just guessing as much as the person your criticizing. trying to scrape up and save a few extra dollars is good advice to anyone... Just because he may not be able to afford bus fare some days, (i'm pretty sure if it happened all the time he wouldnt have a job at all) doesn't mean he cant save money

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Damn..u.u sorry OP times are tough sometimes..

Why'd this comment get so many down votes..?

Probably the double U. People here get down votes for the craziest things at times

It's supposed to be sad eyes haha not a typing mistake

It should be a real wake-up call to your boss when he/she finally realizes that (s)he's paying his/her workers so low that they can't even afford transportation to go to work.

Could be, but I wouldn't expect to see too many "big spenders" riding a Taipei City bus to work. I'd imagine one of the first things a big spender would get themselves is a car.

Not necessarily. Just like some people buy iPhones and fancy clothes before making sure their bills are paid. Not saying that's the case here, but it is possible OP could have a spending problem

Was gonna say, even if they don't want to give him a raise, I feel like OP's boss would rather pay for his bus ticket than have a worker call in sick and have to find a replacement or be a staff member down. I think I would've just been honest about it. But good luck either way, OP...