By kel - 08/11/2013 23:50 - United Kingdom - Coventry

Today, I was watching some episodes of The Walking Dead with my boyfriend, after recently introducing him to the series. A scene involving Carl came on, and my boyfriend said, "God damn. You ever give me a kid that annoying, I'll shoot both of ya right in the head." FML
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The good thing about having a kid like Carl is that he'll never stay in the ******* house.


stephhrunsaway 21

You're watching The Walking Dead. How is this an FML?

ButterflyHaze 25

Haha, well, I'm sure he didn't mean it...

caohm 18

I can't see any reason to disagree with that logic Carl is whiny as hell

Now just imagine if they showed Judith more often. OP's Boyfriend: "Oh my god, doesn't she ever stop crying?!"

Do you watch the walking dead #2? If carl was my child, I would do the same thing. You really can't blame your boyfriend, OP. Carl needs to go.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

There's just some people that'll get under your skin. They don't have to be necessarily a bad person or even too bitchy either. I know for me there's a few movies/shows where for no reason at all, I can't stand some ************. Just their face or voice, hell maybe both, for whatever reason completely annoys the piss out of me. I've yet to figure out why this happens to me, it just kind of does haha.

He wouldn't have said that if Carl had just stayed in the house.

So.. um.. Idk if you've ever seen the AMC's The Walking Dead, or read any of the comics for that matter, which I have.. you would know that Carl Grimes is a lil badass! and should definitely NOT leave the show. But, for those of you who haven't read the comics and are viewing this comment, I won't spoil anything for ya! ;P

Ugh! Comments like these are so damn annoying.

Was going to say the same thing. Carl needed to be killed off like four years ago

Pwn17 25

I'd much rather they kill Carl. So many cool characters die instead...

If Daryl dies before Carl, I'm gonna be pissed.

zyperman43 19

Carl is actually ok now but he was terrible in seasons 1 and 2

jojimugo 20

Why would they kill Carl if he invokes such reactions ? My guess is Carl is doing his job

JMichael 25

Agreed, the first time Carl had a scene I wanted to punch him.

Carl pisses me off so much. 2 fingers on the trigger! ;(

oyemba 6

I love the walking dead, but I will have to agree wirh you thay he can be annoying sometimes.

extremely annoying ! hopefully he'll be gone soon !

43, if Daryl dies at all amc will get so much hate.

Carl isn't THAT annoying. And now he's a travel-size bad ass.

blackman100 20

Carl needs to keep that damn hat off his head. He's never going to be sheriff.

Someone zombie really needs to bite carl just so they can kill that bastard off.

106, if Daryl dies, I will personally burn AMC to the ground.

Don't worry, Daryl won't die because he's everyone's favorite and AMC knows we'll stop watching if he dies.

There's no way Daryl would ever die, people would probably go insane and start riots and stuff.

He's kind of okay now but he still doesn't know how to listen to what people tell him

The good thing about having a kid like Carl is that he'll never stay in the ******* house.

Well.. Guess you should avoid having a kid!

MichellinMan 20

Hey, be nice, I was a kid once.

No, they can have one. She just needs to make sure it's not annoying. If I ever get married I'm telling my wife the same thing, it sounds like a sensible precaution to take.

ugh I was planning on having a really annoying kid, but my husband said no. there go my plans!

I'm sure he isn't serious OP. We all over exaggerate like that at least once.

That's what we call "irony". Of course he won't shoot them.

I think you need to read a dictionary. That is in no way "ironic".

I hope he meant that with a sense of humor!

That's when you look at him straight in the face and tell him you're pregnant