By the other guy? - 29/03/2014 21:57 - Australia - Perth

Today, I was watching last week's episode of The Walking Dead with my girlfriend. When the gang leader explained the rules of the group to Daryl, I reached over, grabbed my girlfriend's boobs and yelled, "Claimed!" She shot back, "Yeah, they are. But not by you." FML
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An FML about my favorite imaginary husband, and I miss first comment by several dozen. Gosh darn it.

Less than 8 but more than 2. I don't do maths.

I'm not sure you've done the Internet before either.

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That's what I was thinking. She was probably talking about herself, OP.

As soon as she reaches the legal age to have sex which is 16 the only thing her father can do is exercise the fact that she is a minor and stop her from leaving the house etc. Other than that her father has no say as to whom she does anything with.

That was towards #50. I haven't been on this site in so long, I forgot you have to do that.

#50 Please don't be one of those know-it-all FML users that just make themselves look like complete idiots

As this is an Australian FML, the legal age is 16

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Wow. You must be fun at parties..-.-

A lot of the FML's posted tend to be pretty funny. I burst a few chuckles after reading this one

I think so. It's only bad if he's really insecure.

You should just never comment again.

That's hurtful. You don't know me. You don't know the troubles I've seen.

You guys are getting mad because I found something funny. I'm sorry I offended you, I just thought it was a good come back.. Is all...

I'm also sorry I called him insecure. I've just dated boys like that, and they say they don't like those jokes, because it makes them insecure. It wasn't meant to be rude.

It's because nobody likes pointless comments. Everyone who gets addicted to this site/app learns that the hard way.

Isn't them yelling at my pointless comments just more pointless comments? 'Cause that's half hypocritical and half pointless-comment-seption.

Not as pointless as saying "that's funny".

Really? 'Cause this is about 14 extra pointless comments. I think that tips a scale, though they are under 1 pointless comment, so it might condense it enough, so that my original comment is more or equally pointless. But then again, since I added half of all the pointless comments I think I lose badly.

Am I the only person who's surprised that a, "Shut up, Meg." comment hasn't appeared yet?

Shut the hell up Megan, dang. Stupid bitch.

68, you seem very upset about your comment getting downvoted. Get over it.

Actually I'm trying to get the: "you've been moderated badge" also, I don't care what Internet people think. If they wanna have a pointless internet fight with me I will shamelessly partake. I'm bored, they're obviously bored. Why not?

Really? Cuz you sure seemed upset. But i dont want this to turn into an argument, so bye.

Hey guys maybe if we ignore it, it'll go away.

Maybe she already claimed them for herself.

That's the first thing that came to my mind

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Exactly. Her body is still her body.

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Haha better talk this out and find out the truth!

I say that to my boyfriend all the time. I'm faithful. But they're on my body, I hate it when he tries "claim" parts of my body... Even if it's meant as a joke, it seems like he treats them as his property, rather than /my/ boobs haha :P

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Maybe she means taken by the pet bunny she just bought?

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Oooh, a reference to a previous FML. I see that is a new trend amongst the comment section.

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This works as a 2-in-1. Ref to a recent FML and the bunny Daryl and that guy were fighting over when the leader was explaining these rules.

She probably claimed them for herself because they're too fun to share

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But why do girls have two boobs, if not to share?

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One large boob in the middle would be just as symmetrical.

#23, Because we still have two hands. One boob just wouldn't be as fun.

I'm pretty sure she didn't keep him after she made that joke.