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Today, I was walking with my very attractive friend who I like a lot. She then told me that her roomate wouldn't be home tonight, and if I wanted, I could come over and study history. I didn't get it. I told her no thanks, that I was covered, and it was chem I needed to study. An hour later, I understood. FML
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*lol* she should have asked if you wanted to study biology - then you would have understood. I'm voting FYL purely because that post made me go "awwww" and want to give the OP a hug for being all cute and innocent rather than a sleazy perv trying to crack onto his hot friend.


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Good.. She sounds like a hoee..

So? Who cares? She's not any more promiscuous than he is (He'd **** a friend, she'd **** a friend).

@FMYYYlife: That's what jealous guys would say, yes

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STORY OF MY LIFE OP im ******* oblivious when it comes to shit like that.

She prolly is a ***** but the OP Should of said, in a very whiney voice, 'Couldn't we just **** or something instead...?"

ur ****** dumb, u go anyways no matter wat fucktard

she doesn't sound like a *****... in fact she doesn't sound like anything. All we know is that he likes her and it seems she likes him as well. Still, should have just taken the opportunity even if it was just to study. At least you'd be with her.

I say your an idiot for not getting it... but then again never mind there is no but then again in this story

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lmao I knew someone would say that, I thought the same thing though. to #3

Dude, that is f___ed indeed, but come on, you know you deserved this.

*lol* she should have asked if you wanted to study biology - then you would have understood. I'm voting FYL purely because that post made me go "awwww" and want to give the OP a hug for being all cute and innocent rather than a sleazy perv trying to crack onto his hot friend.

Agreed on the "being cute and innocent" but how about next time his friends asks him how his grades are in Anatomy?

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Even as a dude myself, I agree. It's good to know some people actually mean "friend" rather than hoping to be a **** buddy waiting to happen.

love it. How about studying Sexual Education?

if she had said Sex Ed and he didnt get it then that would be classified as straight up retarded...

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He wasn't cute and innocent he had perverted houghts just a little while after and he didn't want to help a realy nice friend who he liked a lot to study some history. It seems like he would have time to do her but not to study with her so he's totally a pervert YDI.

What guy DOESNT have perverted thoughts, especially at that age? They all want sex, but some of them are so much nicer about it. Honestly, I just get the impression that the OP is a pretty sweet guy, which is pretty hard to find in college. Grats on not being a douche, OP, and I'm sure your friend laughed it off and will invite you over again sometime. (She doesn't have to have been insinuating sex, maybe she just wanted to be in a position where they could talk alone and kiss. sheesh. Look for the best in someone next time?)

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How does that make him a sweet guy? I just don't get it. I'm sure if he understood what she truly meant, he would have jumped on the opportunity and went over to her dorm. But instead, he thought she TRULY wanted to study history. Personally, i think the "sweet guy" would have helped another friend study. But he didn't. Maybe the fact that he doesn't know how to pick up on sexual cues makes him innocent, but it doesn't make him sweet.

i'm not sure if there ARE any guys who don't have those types of dirty thoughts whilst in college, especially since that's when a guy's sex drive is nearing, at, or just passing it's peak. and yes, some of us are much nicer about it and don't go around looking to score some ass all the time and objectifying women in a sexual manner only. and i wouldn't be that dense to call him a fag for not figuring out that she was wanting some sort of alone time with him, regardless if it was sex or talking or kissing or actually studying, but yes, there ARE guys of us out there with morals and values and kind hearts that aren't ALWAYS thinking with our dicks :) (in college too btw)

who takes chemistry in college? thats a high school class. why do you guys assume hes in college?

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You can get entire degrees for chemistry in college. What do you think your science teachers (or at least chemistry ones) studied after highschool?

well, either college or boarding school, as she's talking about a roommate, and I doubt they could get away with that at boarding school. But i don't know, never been there.

Um...people majoring in chemistry? Not to mention pharmacists...

is it the same? god i hate chemistry. im sorry i didnt bother to look it up.

Yep, serious warm and fuzzy moment. FYL, because your mind is not in the gutter, and she'll probably appreciate that later :)

104- are you serious??? basically every class you take in high school can be taken in college, especially chemistry (im a chem major im taking my third chem class in august and im starting my sophmore year).

#37 - Exactly what I was thinking! Why does everything have to be about sex?!

I gave your comment a thumbs up because you're spot on. I lost so many great opportunities in uni (that's college for those of us inside the part of the planet that contains non USA) by thinking with the wrong brain.

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thinking with just your dick would be stupid

20 do you mean university? if you think USA doesn't have universities, your a ******* retard.

20, a university is composed of colleges. And yes, Americans use that word as well. Way to go, fucktard..

Lol sucks to be you? xD But aww, thats kinda cute

The thing is that you realized only an hour later.. Probably still had the chance to go over. It's happened to me once before but I managed to call the girl back 30 minutes later and everything worked out.