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  michaelaranda  |  28

The cynical person inside of me hopes that OPs friend truly has forgotten and only wants notes.

Im just kidding. Thats a clever way to have a surprise party.

And OP, if youre reading this comment, happy belated birthday

By  slycooper_fml  |  11

Maybe she has something planned. You never know, OP. Wait before judging. My family and I pretended to forget my mother's birthday but we planned a surprise party for her that evening.

By  LindsayxMoore  |  18

aww. happy birthday! and dont jump the gun, maybe she has something planned. if not then forget her, it took me a long time to realize the people I was trying to spend my birthdays with werent shit. but still enjoy your day!! :)

By  queerdragon  |  20

How old are you?

Many people stop putting emphasis on birthdays after high school. The big ones are 18, 21, and 30. Other than that, not everyone really cares about certain holidays or traditions. Expecting your friend to plan something for your birthday, or even make a big deal out of it, is asking a lot from some people.

If you want to do something special for your birthday, then invite people out, let them know you want to have some fun, and go out and do things. Don't wait around for others to plan something for you.

  QQmore_fml  |  18

I don't think he was expecting anything big, for example if my friend asked to hang out I would think he/she might want to celebrate with me, maybe a beer or two. Not hey I'm going to steal your notes. Unless this girl is not a close friend, then maybe she didn't know it's his birthday.