By Anonymous - 19/12/2010 09:17 - New Zealand

Today, I fell over on the bus. X-Rays revealed not only that I have been growing extra bones in my foot, but that when I fell, I crushed all of them. Doctors don't know how to fix bones that aren't supposed to be there, so they're just going to cut them out. Two days before Christmas. FML
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Ask if you can keep the freak bones! You can make a necklace as a gift!


Hey guys, I don't know how to ask this tactfully, so I'm just gonna ask it straight up: is it at all normal or healthy to have a small gopher-like growth coming out of one's butt?

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Ow. /: Good luck OP, and as for you #1, are you kidding me?

Not until the mod godess gets to you!! OP... you must explore to see if you have any super powers!! D:<

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ballinpro23's comment isn't modded yet? Sirin must not be here...

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I'm pretty sure that #1 is talking about a penis instead of a "gopher-like growth".

What the hell are you people smoking? Sirin has nothing to do with this thread. Ballinpro is asking a perfectly reasonable question and no one is being helpful! Ballinpro, the growth is probably your Ron Jeremy Commemorative butt-plug that you accidentally left in after your drunken escapade last night with the circus side-show freaks. A little Vaseline and gentle pressure and it'll come right out. Best of luck.

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Doc, I was there. it's not commemorative, it's a knock off. Somebody's too cheap to get the REAL one.

60 is right, if you look at the package it says Jon Reremy and manufactured by Mubber Raid

that's funny that some little bitch hacked my profile you dumb ass ******* retards

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Hahaha you didn't get hacked, your comment was moderated because one of the moderators thought it was stupid and/or unnecessary.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you

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Merry Christmas! And A Happy New Year! (:

It says two days before Xmas but it says it was publish December 19th

Ask if you can keep the freak bones! You can make a necklace as a gift!

"Merry Christmas, Sweety" "Oohh! A necklace!" "Yup! It's made from the freak bones that were in my foot!!"

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I imagine u to have ugly feet op

Oooh WTF wow that sucks how does that even happen?!?

Mutation, birth defects, dodgy genes. Ect ect

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it's not that uncommon. I have a cousin who had an abnormal bone growing in her foot as well. she only had one though, so maybe that's what makes the difference

Why is this a FML? You're a mutant! Rejoice!

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yeah #16, but OP isn't an X-Men kind of mutant, so it's not as awesome.

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Unless her soon-to-be boneless foot causes her to somehow develop the power to shoot lasers out of her eyes or control the weather, it doesn't really pay-off to be a "mutant" in this case. *sigh* If only that kind of stuff were possible... The world would be just a little more awesome. :)

erm, the doctors aren't pulling out all the OP's foot bones. Just the extra ones. She's not gonna have a bone-less foot.

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What if OP grew out an extra foot? O_O

haha that made me laugh. I imagined a floppy boneless foot lol

FYL but nice war hammer pic. Playing a slayer ATM

They're stunting evolution! How do we evolve if we just cut it out?!?!