By thicklysettled - 20/07/2009 04:04 - United States

Today, I was talking to the girl I've liked for 2 years. We were assigned partners for a History project so we were going to work on it at my house. When she asked me for directions, I told her I lived on Woodcock Road. She yelled slapped me and stormed off. I was serious. FML
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why do women think it's ok to slap men?? if a man slaps a woman it's abuse or domestic violence. (i'm a woman, btw)

Show her a street directory with the street on it. Weird name of a road though!


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This is so not real at all. I can tell. Nobody would really slap you and storm off? Wow. You Fail.

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Uhh, I know people that would.

This is so real. I'd say the OP deserves it for 1) having a crush that he never acts on and 2) having a two year crush on a moron.

I got slapped and she stormed off because I didn't like her friend, who liked me. Don't assume that you know the billions of people on this planet.

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lol no worrys bud i live on hardwood drive and my dad lives on dogwood road

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well if you like her then this is a great ice breaker just laugh at it when she finds out that you actually do live on woodcock

I have all of you guys beat, I live on the intersection of I Bang Women road and Masturbation avenue.

You're that creep who enjoys making stains on her sheets.

Show her a street directory with the street on it. Weird name of a road though!

I normally get funny looks when I say my street name because I live on Condon st. but most people think that it's Condom st.

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LOL I have a teacher at my school called Miss Woodcock xD

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#114 I live near a comdon street. I'm serious. people normally mistake it for condom street too

there's a reacher at my school called mr woodcock going out with another teacher there and for a week after they started going out everyone was asking her if she had splinters

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For some apparent reason I highly doubt this is real. And that's no reason to slap someone and storm off.

I looked it up (this is the sort of way I use my spare time..) anyway there is actually a woodcock road in OP's state. And now i know where he lives?

I did the same thing and it came up

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I thought this was fake too, I could see someone laughing at that but not throwing a hissy fit.

I think it's real. But I agree, she shouldn't of slapped him? That's a little too much. Personally, if I thought the guy was attempting a perverted joke I would've laughed and called him a perv, but I wouldn't of even gotten mad about it. Guys joke about shit like that. And poor dude, he wasn't even joking about this one! O man :x

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xD sorry, but i'd have done the same thing ^^;

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why do women think it's ok to slap men?? if a man slaps a woman it's abuse or domestic violence. (i'm a woman, btw)

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i'm not sure. As a male, i personally dont take that shit. If a woman slaps me i slap her back.

I have no idea, but I hate when I see a girl hitting a guy. No such privilege exists. It doesn't make it any more okay if a girl hits a guy then if a guy hits a girl. I guess there's some mentality that a small delicate girl couldn't possibly hurt a big strong man. Total bullshit really. And some girls hit mother ******* hard, just because they think they can get away with it.

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Amen. I'm not saying I condone violence one way or another, but if a woman hits a man IMO she should be prepared to take whatever she gets. She's committing assault and the dude is allowed to defend himself. Can't take a hit? Maybe you shouldn't be so quick to dish em out then.

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its because men are most of the time physically stronger than women. bigger bones n what not. so it would normally cause more damage if a man hits a woman than vice versa. some girls like to take advantage of that though and those are the ones that need to be Beat.

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I have to agree with that, I think its a serious double standard, which is why he should seek her out and punch her in the boob with all his might. (i'm a woman btw).

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ha ha just the boob, not the ovaries, will ferrell style?

Yeah, it's kinda the same thing with if a 40-year-old woman goes clubbing she's called a cougar, but if a 40-year-old man does it, he's a pervert. I can sort of see why one might think it's not okay for a man to hit a woman but for a woman to hit a man because women bear life and aren't as heavily built and stuff, but it's still not very fair. Then again, all is fair in love and war - if the guy wants to hit her back then so be it.

#66 yeah, and also how come when a man talks dirty to a woman it's sexual harassment, but when a woman talks dirty to a man its $3.99 a minute?

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I'm not against a woman slapping me. If I did something to deserve it that is...

She's the one who though of weird stuff -Sigh-

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What has this world come to? No man or woman should have to carry around a picture of a streetsign unless it is freakin hilarious! Maybe she was having a bad day, or PMS? IS hilarious though... :-P I once knew a guy with something very similar to this as his last name. He was a jackass.

You mean the jackass from the movie Mr.Woodcock?

FYL for living on a street called Woodcock Road. I laughed at your name though.

She really shouldn't have slapped you though. Or yelled at you. (I hate when FML's comments decide to spazz.)

Slap her face with the road directory.