By rejectedmidair - 13/11/2009 07:14 - United States
Today, I went through with my elaborate plans to propose to my girlfriend with creativity. I took her skydiving and proposed in midair. She rejected. Why? She wanted a more "traditional" proposal. FML
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By  xxphil  |  0

Sucks, to go through all that preparation and to be rejected. She doesnt deserve to be with you if she can't understand all the work you went through for that proposal.

  nonotme  |  0

Uh, if you're with your gf long enough to be proposing to her but you don't know her well enough to know she wouldn't like this sort of thing, you may want to rethink this whole marriage thing.


  BritishHobo  |  0

#54 & #58... what? That's a pretty stupid reason for saying they shouldn't marry. I don't know if my girlfriend is a... McDonalds or a Burger King girl, but that isn't a legit reason to not marry her.
Not everyone discusses what type of proposal they'd like. And just because she wants a traditional proposal, this doesn't mean it's such a huge part of her that he should have known, like all her views are old fashioned or something.

  HahaYDI  |  0

...Didn't Mythbusters test this out? I'm almost positive they said it was IMPOSSIBLE to hear someone while you are parachuting. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm calling fake.

  masquerade08  |  0

Being a skydiver in training, I can tell you with pretty exact certainty that unless they are both licensed skydivers, or one of them is a tandem instructor, there would be absolutely no way to communicate midair. Even two experienced divers would have to yell from under their canopies. No way to communicate during freefall though. If he was a tandem instructor, he could tell her under canopy... But I have not met many tandem instructors who have traditional girlfriends. And I met quite a few girlfriends at the USPA skydiving nationals that ran at my home DZ (drop zone, for all of you who've never been) this time last month. It's quite rare in the sport.

I call this out to be FAKE! Though, it would suck if it were to happen. I wouldn't say no.

By  xxphil  |  0

Sucks, to go through all that preparation and to be rejected. She doesnt deserve to be with you if she can't understand all the work you went through for that proposal.

  lolwatlol  |  0

Yea yea, and if she was the one posting a fml you and tons more would be telling her how much he doesnt deserver her
We know the drill already, stop it.

  avoidthegirl  |  6

Nah, I had a guy buy a ring from me who was planning on doing the same thing except he was going to make a sign to hold up since you obviously can't put a ring on it midair.

However, this FML obviously isn't him because I know she said yes.

  Rhaegar  |  0

She didn't say that she wasn't grateful for the skydiving proposal. But she said she wanted a more traditional one before she would accept it.

I'm sorry, I agree with her, or at least respect her right to. It's not her job to just go along with whatever hackneyed ideas her boyfriend/fiance/husband has, just as it is not his job to cater to her every whim. But in this case, I think that they should know each other well enough that this situation should have never happened.

  keiran215  |  1

While i agree with your point that it's not a "no" and he can give her a traditional proposal: it's a question, not some elaborate ritual. If she wants to marry him it shouldn't matter how he asked, only *that* he asked.

By  jonnymohio  |  2

Warning signs everywhere! I foresee you being a henpecked husband; she wants things her way and only her way. Life won't get any better when you get married. Dump her now before its too late. And thank her for giving you a preview of the hell you'd be living.

  discosoup  |  0

TOTALLY AGREE!!!! My wife accepted my proposal three years ago, but will not let me forget that I didn't do it on one knee! I was wearing a nice suit that she bought me and the ground was muddy!

By  haadi9  |  4

Her loss! A skydiving proposal would be my dream proposal. She's not worth your time if she doesn't appreciate all the effort you went through to do something unique.

  masquerade08  |  0

It's impossible. You can not talk to each other in mid air... On the plane, yes, on the ground, yes, with a sign, maybe, but you can't hear each other in free fall.

Though, I'd love it, though... maybe not being handed a ring during freefall... it could be done... but the risk of dropping it is too great... Maybe a fake ring in the air... like doing a fun jump, and mouthing the words, "Will you marry me?" and pulling the ring out of a pocket, and docking on to put on the ring.

I've seen a video of some free flyers who kissed during freefall. Like spider man kiss. He was upside down.

  ntherewas1  |  11

I agree with masquerade (not the exact name I know). To me sky diving doesn't spell romantic and I'm pretty sure I would be concentrating of falling, rather than anything else! Can you imagine? I would be annoyed at my fiancé, bringing up marriage at a time like that.

  karmaliss  |  18

OK, I totally 100% agree with the dream proposal thing.
Boyfriend and I have been twice before and totally plan to get our solo licenses together. It's one of the greatest feelings in the world.

I can't imagine a "will you marry me?" before or after (cuz, yeah, you can't hear much before the parachute opens) would do anything except make the whole thing even more fantastic. And it is really damn hard to make skydiving better!