By monster1109 - 10/08/2015 15:51 - United Kingdom - Manchester

Today, I got into the shower with my glasses on by mistake. I spent 5 minutes convinced that the fog in my vision was me going blind. FML
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addisonrose12 16

Been there... Done that... When you where glasses 24/7, you sometimes forget about them :/


KittyHawkMarch 29

Been there, done that. Such a relief when it's not the case.

That's got to be terrifying.

I don't see glasses

Not your brightest moment there OP

MrNibNib 4

When you wear glasses all the time you get used to having them on like they're not even there

llamingo 8

Why so many down votes didn't anyone get the joke?

MdMan2 23

Sounds like something I would do…

how did you not realize? or... how big are those glasses that you didn't notice the frame?

Same for me #10. I can't even count how many times I've forgotten that I've had them on my face and went into full freakout mode, trying to remember where I put them, making me look like an idiot in public

corky1992 33

If you have to wear them all the time you tend to forget that they're even there.

You prove the theory that idiocy has no limits

1dvs_bstd 41

Seriously? Because people do lots of shit absent mindedly.

@13: says the person whose username is 'Poke my eyes'

7, you obviously don't wear glasses

#15 How is the username "pokemyeyes" idiotic? If anything, I would consider them brave and strong for encouraging people to touch such a sensitive body part. Pokemyeyes is basically superman at this point.

Look at the bright side OP, you're not going blind

People who wear glasses ARE slowly going blind. Why else do you think we have to go get new prescriptions for our lenses.

addisonrose12 16

Been there... Done that... When you where glasses 24/7, you sometimes forget about them :/

Do you not take them off when you go to sleep?

ManBearPig44 11

You know what he means

Same, I forget to take them off constantly, sometimes I even forget to take them off when I go to bed xD

addisonrose12 16

Yes but when I lay down they smoosh into my face, therefore alerting me that I still have them on lol

McDerp 11

Yup, don't worry OP, it happens to all of us.

Didn't mean to down vote your comment. I couldn't agree more, as a 24/7 wearer it sucks sometimes forgetting about it.

This reminds me of looking for your phone, while talking on it.

I've been wearing glasses since I was ten and I've never done this.. Though, I think the most ridiculous I've ever felt wearing glasses was when I got my new pair, forgot I was wearing contacts, and kept insisting my glasses were smudged because my vision was blurry when I put on the new frames, oops.