By hannah - 14/04/2013 15:21 - United Kingdom

Today, my boyfriend of 17 months, the first guy to tell me he loves me, the guy I lost my virginity to, the only guy whose parents I've met, told me we should stop 'hooking up' because it's weird that I was telling everyone we were a couple and it was ruining his chances of finding a girlfriend. FML
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hi, i'm the girl who wrote this originally (i've since got an account so changed my name- maybe some people won't believe that but whatever) and i just want to say in response to some people that it was VERY clear on both sides that we were a couple, we were not friends with privileges.. also i am not a stalker, i just wanted to specify exactly how long we'd been together because it emphasises just how shitty what he did was.. like someone else said, a year doesn't really explain that fully. maybe he was using me for sex and i was practise, but i'm not as young or naive as some people here seem to think... this isn't my first relationship, but it was my first really serious one hence meeting parents, having sex etc etc.. i thought what i felt towards him was mutual, and i think if many of you had known us as a couple you would be very surprised about what has happened, most people were always commenting on how much he seemed to adore me. right now i have no idea what his motivations were, but everytime i speak to him i want to stab him.. so im refraining from speaking to him or seeking an explanation at the minute SO thanks to everyone who's been supportive, **** knows what his problem is but im getting over it seeing as he's been such a dick to me, and i just posted him this link, so any extra abuse toward him would be welcome.. ha

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What an asshole. You're better off without him. Good luck on that girlfriend search, buddy.


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What an asshole. You're better off without him. Good luck on that girlfriend search, buddy.

you're better off without him hon, really. I'm sorry this happened to you.:( all the best xx

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word that. but a butthole like him won't find anyone... he will be on the journey of finding a vjj for the rest of his life

if i was op, i'd make that hunt for a new '**** buddy' a living hell. wish you never screwed me over now, huh. I'd make it into a game, a fun, torture game, give him the payback he deserves. stupid ******* people. make sure every female in my town knew what he did. he'd never find pussy again, even from the 55 year old cougar by the school, hehhehheh.

Actually, lnm701 directed the comment towards OP's ex...

agreed. This happened to me before, i was heart broken. But to the OP you will find someone new and so much better, you'll look back and laugh at the tool.

happened to me too.. but we were seeing each other for six months then dated for a bit. there are better men out there :-)

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that actuly made me laugh huray for bacwerds mental perception

I don't get it what did he do ? whatnot his his parent s that said that ???

294 that made absolutely no sense at all.

Ever heard the song "I Almost Told You That I Love You" by Papa Roach? Pretty much the same, except 'I love you' DID slip out...

What's not to get? The guys an asshat who played her.

I don't know if it's playing if it lasts a year and a half

Welcome to your first life lesson. Have a good look at him, identify other people that are similar and avoid like the plague except when you want one night stands.

WOW. Asshole. You really are better off without him. :/ He doesn't deserve you. *Hugs.*

What a ********. At least the silver lining is that you're free of having this asswipe in your life.

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Yeah, because friend with benefits say "I love you" to each other.

Miscommunication for 17 months?? Not likely.

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he said he loved her. you idioto. learn how to read before you say mean things to nice people like the OP

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theres a difference between saying I love u and I am in love with u. u can seriously love a **** buddy but not be in love with them. maybe it could be an honest miscommunication or the guy used such to his advantage to get what he wanted

My name is Hannah too. HUGS! I am so sorry...